FBC2013 – A Recap of Recaps

What a great three days we just had in Ontario at Hockley Valley Resort with 80 of our members at FBC2013 this past weekend!  This is not a recap of the weekend – at least, not from our perspective.  We’re still trying hard to wrap our own brains around what just happened.

Instead, we’ll let our attendees do the talking, or rather, writing and photographing.  And we thought it might be nice to recap them all here for anyone who wants to read them.

It was great to meet so many of you, to have such gracious, well-spoken presenters and panelists, and such supportive sponsors.  Not to mention a picturesque setting and a crew of hard working volunteers.   We even managed to trend WORLDWIDE on twitter.  Is the world ripe for Canadian food bloggers who aren’t afraid to say they’re Canadian?  Sure looks like it!  We’ll let the attendees tell you the rest in their own words:

  1. The Yum Yum Factor: The First Ever Food Bloggers of Canada Conference Has Been Tucked Into Bed
  2. Family Feedbag: A Home Cook Comes Home
  3. My. Daily. Randomness: Key Learnings From the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference and My Top 7: Canadian Food Bloggers Conference
  4. Planet Byn: Food Bloggers of Canada Conference {Day 1}
  5. The Gouda Life: I Am On Fire [Food Bloggers of Canada Conference Recap]
  6. Hooked on Heat: The Art of Food
  7. Spice Wife: Food Bloggers Conference of Canada 2013 – Sensational!
  8. Sweet Twist of Blogging: Inspired & Ready: Food Bloggers of Canada Conference 2013
  9. Life On Manitoulin: Food Bloggers of Canada Conference – Catalyst For Change
  10. Nutmeg Disrupted: The First Ever Food Bloggers of Canada Conference. My Take. Part One
  11. Unsweetened: Week Filled with Conferences, Cooking, Contests and Crowds (Lovely Crowds)
  12. Sober Julie: Food Bloggers of Canada 1st Conference – A Resounding Success #FBC2013
  13. Living Lou: First Food Blogging Conference – A 19 Year Old’s Perspective
  14. Copyright Laws: #FBC2013 Food Bloggers of Canada + Copyright
  15. Under The High Chair: 12 Things to Do At A Food Bloggers Conference (That You Can’t Do At Home)
  16. Sweet Sugar Bean: Leaping Forward: A Shy Girl Goes to a Food Bloggers Conference
  17. Ruby Reduction: #FBC2013
  18. Dianne Jacob: Food Bloggers of Canada
  19. Mushrooms Canada: Food Bloggers of Canada Conference part 1 and Food Bloggers of Canada Conference part 2
  20. Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach: FBC2013: An Honest Glimpse Behind the Scenes
  21. The Tiffin Box: 10 Things I Learned at the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference
  22. eat. live travel. write. Connect. Engage. #FBC2013
  23. The Tasty Gardener: A blog-altering conference
Recommended Reading:  Weekly News for Sept 17 - Anniversary Edition!

And here are a few related posts that aren’t recaps but are follow ups on some of the sessions presented and a tutorial on the awesome KitchenAid stand mixer cookies

  1. Simple Bites: 9 Photos That Show My Culinary Journey
  2. Family Bites: How I Became A Food Writer
  3. Sweetopia: How To Decorate Stand Mixer Cookies
  4. Mairlyn Smith: So You Think You Want to Be A Cookbook Author

10 Responses to FBC2013 – A Recap of Recaps

  1. Callie April 28, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    Looks like it was a lot of fun. Hope to go next year!

  2. Mushrooms Canada April 29, 2013 at 2:36 pm #

    WOW, I thought I had read most of them, but this list is fantastic…and the recaps keep coming!


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