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It's a new year and that probably means resolutions, goals and dreams for your blog.  Where to start and how to get it all done?  We've gathered 10 of our best ways to start the new year off right with your food blog.

1. An Annual Blog Cleanup

January is a great month to purge, clean, and take care of some annual tasks.  Check out our 31 Day Blog Cleanup that we run every January - one small task to take care of every day.  Backing up your blog, updating your bio, your social media, building relationships and planning for the future are all included!

2. Fall Back In Love With Your Blog

Feeling a little blah about your blog? Stuck in a rut? Just not inspired? Our 15 Days to Fall (Back) in Love With Your Blog will put a little spring in your keyboard.  This isn't a series that's about blog tech - instead it's all about getting your creative jam back, breaking out of ruts and making new connections.

3. Set Some Goals - And Achieve Them


Setting goals is the only way you'll achieve your goals!  Stephanie Eddy from Clockwork Lemon shares tips on how to set and achieve your goals with four simple steps: planning, scheduling, tracking and re-evaluating.

4. Join or Start a Writing Group

If you're a bit stuck with your writing or you want to improve it take some tips from Dianne Jacob on how to Join or Start a Writing Group.  They're a great way to get feedback, practice and join an in-person community of like minded people.

5. Prepping an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

An editorial calendar can take a lot of pressure off of you to come up with new ideas on the fly.  It can also help you keep track of sponsored content and bigger projects and create themed content.  Here's our tips for getting started with an editorial calendar for your blog.

6. Put Together a Pitching Strategy

Looking to blogger networks like FBC for sponsored content ops is a great way to get started with sponsored content but, learning how to pitch yourself to brands can create some of the best opportunities you'll get.  Learn how to connect with PR agencies and brands, create relationships with them and put together the perfect pitch with Heather Travis' PR Desk Column - 11 great ideas to help you with your pitching strategy.

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Other great tools to help you with pitching your writing or your blog include Finding Magazine Media Kits and Editorial Calendars On-Line and Creating a Media Kit For Your Blog.

7. Connect and Collaborate

prepared table for a rustic outdoor dinner at night with wineglasses bread and candles vertical
prepared table for a rustic outdoor dinner at night with wineglasses bread and candles vertical

Some of the most fun and successful projects come out of collaboration.  Here's our best tips on collaborating with fellow bloggers to create meaningful projects that will keep you creatively inspired. Don't forget the importance of getting out meeting bloggers face to face.  Here are some of our tips for networking face to face.

8. Get Going With Video

Video is here to stay.  Whether you create videos for YouTube, instagram or Facebook or are diving into the live video options available on most social platforms now, you'll want to get the basics under your belt.  We have tips for getting started on YouTube,  on how to film a cooking video, prepping to teaching a class, some tips for getting more comfortable on camera or even what NOT to do on camera to help you get underway.

9. Evergreen Content and Blog Archives

The word Content appearing behind torn brown paper.
The word Content appearing behind torn brown paper.

Creating evergreen content is a great way to increase your organic search stats and it's always working for you in the background.  Take some time this year to create at least one evergreen post a month.  And don't forget all your blog archives - we've got lots of tips on maximizing your blog archives and using tools like Meet Edgar to help you.

10. Support Your Community and Bring Good

If doing good is important to you, blogging can offer you a wonderful platform that you can leverage to bring good to your community. Supporting your tribe, your neighbourhood, your city and bringing good to those in need can be one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging!

It's time to get planning and start executing - good luck and happy new year!

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