Every month we pull together some great recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient. This month we are focusing on RICE KRISPIES TREATS.

Ube rice krispies treats.

Treat yourself to an array of irresistible Rice Krispies Treats recipes sure to brighten your day! From classic Rice Krispies favorites like Chocolate Covered and Smores, to unique twists like Apricot Sunflower and Ube, there's something for every taste. Dive into the vibrant flavors of Ube, smooth no-bake cheesecake or enjoy the refreshing simplicity of Vegan Strawberry Rice Krispie treats. Crafted with care by Canadian Food Bloggers, each recipe offers a delicious journey through chewy, gooey, and utterly irresistible goodness!

The Best Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Treats by Pure and Simple Nourishment 

Homemade Rice Krispie treats are adored by kids, and can be quickly prepared, catering to various dietary needs like gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

Pieces of chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats.

Protein Rice Krispie Treats by Randa Nutrition

Protein rice krispie treats made with only 4 ingredients.

protein rice krispie treats

Smores Rice Krispie Treats by Domestic Dreamboat

These S'Mores Rice Krispie Squares feature graham wafers and milk chocolate for delicious twist.

S'Mores Rice Krispie Square on a white plate.

Apricot Sunflower Rice Krispie Treats by Food Meanderings

A unique rice krispie treats with sunflower seeds and dried apricots.

healthier rice krispie treats on a piece of parchment on blue surface with more treats in the background

Chewy Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Bar Treats by Dobbernation Loves

Easy to make Rice Krispies Treats with creamy peanut butter, peanut butter chips and roasted peanuts is no-bake dessert for peanut lovers.

Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Treats Bars Squares Photo Image.

Ube Rice Krispie Treats by The Unlikely Baker 

Experience the joy of a chewy and delightfully purple snack as ube, puffed rice cereal, and marshmallows unite together in this easy, no-bake recipe. With just 6 ingredients, it's simply to make!

Ube rice krispies in a baking dish.

Healthy Rice Krispies Treats by Fit as a Mama Bear

Skipping butter and marshmallows, they're sticky, crunchy, and loaded with chocolate chips, making them the ideal guilt-free, no-bake dessert!

Cut rice crispy squares with chocolate chips on brown parchment paper.

Cheesecake Rice Krispies Treats by Little Sweet Baker

Crackly rice cereal meets smooth no-bake cheesecake in these delicious bars.

Rice Krispies treats combined with cheesecake makes these crunchy-creamy bars absolutely irresistible.

Vegan Strawberry Rice Krispie Treats by Delightful Adventures

Try this quick and easy recipe for vegan strawberry rice crispy treats loved by all! With only four ingredients, each bite bursts with delightful, fruity strawberry flavor.

Two rice crispy treats on small plate, more treats and fresh strawberries sit in the background.

Chocolate-Dipped Rice Krispie Treats by Our Happy Mess

Make these chocolate-dipped Rice Krispie treats, a simple 4-ingredient dessert elevated with the richness of browned butter. With their chewy, gooey texture and irresistible sweetness, these cereal bars are utterly addictive!

chocolate dipped rice krispie treats with a bite in one of them

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