Stay on track this summer - keep your healthful Half Your Plate snacking habits while you're on the go with these 10 fresh product innovations.

Editor's Note: This article is sponsored by Half Your Plate. Filling half your plate with fruit and veggies at every meal or snack is an oh so easy way to maintain healthy eating habits!

Summer usually means we're on the go more and while this summer may look different than previous ones in terms of how we get around and where we go, most of us are going to be finding ways to get outside as much as we can and safely spend time with close family and friends.

When the weather is hot, nobody wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and most of us aren't interested in large, heavy meals. And so we turn to nice bite sized snacks - which can quickly add up: an ice cream cone here, some battered fish there, a cold sugary drink that's easy to grab - you get the idea.

Don't let snacking throw you off from the Half Your Plate habit. You can still make sure you fill half your plate with fruit and veggies at snack time and it can be convenient, quick and really delicious!

We checked out some of the great snack friendly products from the Canadian Produce and Marketing Association's 2020 new product showcase and found lots of really easy, healthful and delicious snack options. Toss a few of these items in your beach bag or your kids' backpacks. And don't forget back to school... whether the kids are going back to the classroom or the kitchen table is their study hall this fall, you're going to need healthy, quick snacks for everyone!

Sunset Honey Bombs Tomatoes on the Vine

Sunset Honey Bombs

Sunset Honey Bombs Golden Cherry Tomatoes-on-the-Vine won the Best Snackable Product Award as part of the CPMA's new product showcase this year and it's easy to see why. These little tomatoes are the perfect size for popping in your mouth and they have a sweet-like-honey taste with great crunch.

More Mini Fruits and Veggies

Pure Flavor has also come out with Mini Munchies Tomato Snack Packs that are portioned out into convenient, single serve on-the-go packs that you can toss in a bag or lunch box for a sweet and juicy snack whenever you need one.

Minis are a trend this year with other bite sized fruits and veggies as well. Try Mucci Farms Teeny Tiny Smuccies - they're bite sized, Ontario grown strawberries. If you've tried the full sized Smuccies before, you know they're bursting with flavour and sweetness and these teeny tiny ones are no different. BC's Windset Farms has Fresco Baby Cucumbers that they call the "ultimate snacking cucumber". Just wash and go for a nutritious, fresh snack that's the perfect size.

Windset Farms Greenhouse Party Tray

Windset Greenhouse Party Tray

Windset Farms has also come up with the Greenhouse Party Tray and while you may not be throwing parties right now, this tray that contains sweet Concerto Grape Tomatoes, bright Dolce Mini Peppers and Fresco Baby Cucumbers is great for laying out on the kitchen counter or table for the whole family to snack on while they do their schoolwork or are working from home. It makes for sustainably-grown, easily accessible, healthy snacks for the whole family for the entire day.

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Good Bites Coconut Bites in Classic Coconut and Coconut Lemon

Sun Type Good Bites

If your family is nuts for coconut you'll want to try Sun Rype's Good Bites in Coconut Classic and Coconut Lemon flavours. They're high in fibre, low in sodium and have just one gram of sugar per bite. They're also gluten-free, nut-free, vegan and Kosher!

Wonderful Pistachios Shelled Pistachios

For the pistachio lovers, Wonderful Pistachios has released two flavours of roasted, shelled pistachios: Honey Roasted and Chili Roasted. Don't let cracking endless pistachio shells get in the way of enjoying this tempting snack.

Natursource Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are a great source of energy when you're on the go hiking, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors. Natursource has three new offerings to try for those who love intense flavours: Crunchy Coconut, Pecan Pie and So Smart (with a little dark chocolate and blueberries added!)

Grimmway Organic Rainbow Carrot Chips

Ditch the potato chips and try Grimmway Farms' new ridged Organic Rainbow Carrot Chips for a different kind of crunch and lots of colour. Team them up with Marzetti's newly relaunched and reformulated Veggie Dips that focus on better nutritional value.

Savory Wild Portabella Mushroom Jerky

If you love jerky but you're eating less or no meat, you can still enjoy this favourite portable snack with Savory Wild Portabella Mushroom Jerky. It's 100% whole food and plant based making it vegan friendly. And it's got a great range of flavours: Smokehouse Bacon, Hot & Spicy Cajun, Roasted Garlic and Black Pepper, Sweet Balsamic and Golden Fig and Sesame Ginger and Korean Chili!

Naturipe Snacks

Naturipe Snacks are portable single serve bento boxes that come in high protein and low calorie ranges. They're filled with fresh fruit and tasty extras like dark chocolate covered chickpeas, cheese, vanilla granola, honey roasted walnuts and salted caramel granola clusters. Lots of snacking variety in one little to-go package!

North Bay Premium Dried Fruit

North Bay Produce is introducing a new line of premium dried fruit that's great for snacking. Choose from cranberries, blueberries or cherries. Toss them in a bag or mix them with nuts and dark chocolate chips for your own trail mix.

There's loads of great snacking options here to help you stay on track with the half your plate lifestyle. There's always delicious ways to add extra fruits and veggies into your diet every time you eat!

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