Spring content can be some of the most evergreen content you create for your food blog so it's worth taking a little extra time to prep for this season with content that can easily stretch right through to fall. If you need some additional spring content planning tools, be sure to check out our FBC Food Blog Planner for even more seasonal planning tips and national food days.

9 Spring Content Ideas For Food Bloggers | Food Bloggers of Canada

Last updated on February 18, 2020.

Spring is sprung (at least according to the calendar, if not the weather) and we've got 9 spring content ideas for food bloggers to get you pumped for the season.

Spring is a great time to focus hard on food blog content - because if you're strategic and thoughtful, the content you create now can, in many cases, turn evergreen (what's evergreen content? Find out here) and at the very least, get you all the way through the summer months as well as spring.

And that means when the heat hits, you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time sipping cold drinks on the patio.  Not to mention, you have the opportunity to capture all those planners on pinterest (click here for Pinterest's handy content planning guide)!

Planning Out Your Spring Food Blog Content

Consider this list more than just a writing prompt list - these are all ideas that you can adapt to video for Youtube, Facebook, Facebook Live and Instagram stories or even turn into e-books and lead magnets for your email list.

In fact, why not layer your content? Start with a quick snippet on Instagram stories and then encourage people to check out even more on your other channels.

In this day and age of multiple platforms, adapting a single piece of content to fit different platforms that you can drip out over the course of a week is smart, a big time saver and can give you more time to work on other things or... gasp... enjoy some away from your screen!

If you need additional tools to help you out, try our FBC Food Blog Planner which is packed with content planning tools!

Spring Content Prompts

Spring is the start of growing season, the opening of farmers markets, the time when people are starting to heading outside and of course, there's Easter, Passover, Mother's Day and Father's Day to remember.  Ramadan is also during spring this year. So let's get started.

1. Spring Holidays

Spring is packed with special holidays where food plays a role: (these dates are current for 2020)

  • St. Patrick's Day - March 17
  • Passover - April 8 - April 16
  • Easter Sunday - April 12
  • Ramadan - April 23 - May 23
  • Mother's Day - May 10
  • Father's Day - June 21

There are so many opportunities to create food content around all of these days so do a little research and see if you can come up with something that fits your niche.

2. Spring Growing Season

Finally! We can ease off on root vegetables and celebrate the first fruits of spring.  Here's a list of ingredients to look out for - many you can grow on your own, other's you'll want to keep an eye out for at your local farmers' market.

3. Farmers' Markets

On that note, your local farmers' markets is a wealth of content opportunities:

  • create meal plans based on what's available and in season at the market
  • do a market shop and film it and show your readers what you'll cook with it
  • create a farmers' market recipes series that you can run straight through the season
  • interviews with local producers
  • get in touch with your local market and offer to do a cooking demo with market produce (get somebody to film it for Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram Live or YouTube

4. Workshops and Cooking Classes

Spring is a great time to try something new.  Why not try a foraging or gardening workshop or a cooking class in a "new to you" cuisine or genre and use it for inspiration for new content?

Or why not teach a workshop?  What's your niche?  Could you teach it?  It could be in person to people in your town or city or it could be on line with Facebook or Instagram Live or on video on YouTube.

5. Food For The Road

Spring is when a lot of people get out on the road or in an airplane.  It could be spring break, an Easter getaway or a trip to celebrate the end of the semester. Either way, as the roads clear and the weather warms up people are heading out of hibernation.

  • road snacks
  • airplane friendly snacks
  • picnic lunches
  • energy food for active hikers and bikers
  • food that packs up easily when you head up to open the cabin for the season
  • suggestions on coolers and ways to transport food safely
  • great places to stop and grab a bite while on the road - especially in small towns where there isn't a lot of coverage on where to eat. Culinary travel is huge right now

This content will carry you through the summer months so you can get a lot of mileage out of this type of content.

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6. Grilling Tips

Canadians love their grills to the point that a lot of them will stand outside in a foot of snow flipping burgers.  For the rest of us who prefer to cook indoors when it's 10 below out, spring is when we start to head out to the deck and fire up the BBQ.

Remember that while a lot of these would make great blog posts, they'd also be great video content.

  • grilling hacks
  • tips for easy cleanup
  • ideas for keeping meat and veggies separate for guests that have different diets
  • food safety tips
  • food prep
  • unusual items on the grill
  • gas grilling tips and good old charcoal grilling tips (hint - charcoal grilling has a very loyal following!)
  • putting an updated twist on old favourites like S'mores, BBQ recipe ideas

7. Canning and Preserving Begins

Canning and preserving begins as soon as fresh produce like strawberries and rhubarb are coming into season and this is a great way to pick up new readers who are looking for help!  Start getting them ready for the height of canning and preserving season in the summer (as well as getting your content out there early and making the most of pinterest - it will be good all summer and into fall!)

  • canning tutorials
  • lists of equipment (makes a great lead magnet for your email list)
  • a starter canning kit shopping list PDF (another great lead magnet idea)
  • flavour combinations for jams
  • canning book reviews
  • where to get great fruit
  • tips on roadside fruit and veggie stand shopping will all fit the bill

8. Get Local  - Really Local (For The Restaurant Bloggers)

Tourists will be hitting your neck of the woods in the coming months - get ready.

Create SEO optimized posts that tell visitors where to eat in your town:

  • the best patios
  • best places to go for an incredible culinary experience
  • wineries
  • ice cream and gelato stands
  • fish and chips
  • food trucks
  • food tours - check with your local tourism office to see what they're promoting

Richmond, BC is promoting their dumpling trail, there is the Butter Tart Trail in Kawarthas Northumberland... what's in your neck of the woods?  Write about it and write about it early!  People start planning summer vacations now.

9. Gardening

More and more people are interested in growing their own food.  If you've got a green thumb then it makes sense to offer up gardening tips.

  • seasonal gardening tips - there's something new going on every month in the garden
  • small container gardens - with more and more people living in city condos and townhouses small container tips are very vaulable
  • recipes to celebrate all those fresh ingredients you're harvesting
  • and don't forget our canning and preserving tip (#7) - make sure you tell people how to keep all that bounty into the winter if they have extras

These are just some of the many ideas for really great spring content that can stretch out into summer - remember, this is the time of year when, more than ever, your followers are on the go, using their mobile devices.  They're not necessarily reading long blog posts - they have questions and want answers fast.  More and more search is done by asking questions now - especially voice search: Does that gelato place only take cash? Where should I plant my radishes? How do I make devilled eggs? How can I use garlic scares?

You get the idea.

Ask yourself what questions people will be asking, how they'll be searching for them and plan your content accordingly!

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