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We're the friendly neighbourhood lunch counter for Canadian food bloggers and brands to meet, learn and grow together.

We welcome all Canadian food bloggers as members - whether you blog in Canada or outside our friendly borders.

Not Canadian? No worries, eh? We're a friendly bunch - everyone is welcome to look around and browse! Our resources are relevant and applicable to all bloggers!

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If you're a Canadian food blogger, you are welcome to join FBC as a member. You'll have access to all our blogging resources, can join our fun recipe and restaurant roundups, network with your fellow bloggers and be eligible for Members Only contests and giveaways.

We’re also working with companies to create new opportunities for our members to partner with Canadian brands and restaurants to grow their blogs and careers.

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If you are a food related business or PR firm operating in Canada we welcome you to our community. Please feel free to join as a business member.

We welcome opportunities to work with Canadian brands and restaurants and help them form blogger relationships that will benefit both sides.

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