Audit Proofing Your Food Blog – Part 3

Over the last two months in our Audit Proof Your Blog series, we discussed transforming your kitchen and organizing and planning. This week in the final post of the series by Angele Lafond, we cover tracking your income and expenses and getting ready for taxes! You’ve organized your kitchen,... Read More

Audit-proof your food blog – Part 2

Last month in part 1 of Audit-Proff Your Food Blog, we discussed cupboards and logistics, transforming your kitchen into a filing cabinet for food bloggers. By now you’ve reorganized your kitchen and stocked your food blog pantry with the staples of any decent kitchen. Now it’s time to focus on... Read More

Audit-proof your food blog – Part 1

As we gear up to do our taxes this year, we're all struggling with blog expenses - so we've recruited an expert: Angele from Shoebox Be Gone kicks of a three part series between now and March to help you get organized and tax ready - it's bookkeeping for bloggers! Take it away Angele! You’ve... Read More