Write For FBC

**Please note - we are currently only accepting pitches from existing FBC Members. All pitches must be accompanied by your full name, a link to your blog or on-line writing portfolio or your LinkedIn profile. Thank you.

Do you love food? Do you love to write about food?   Are you a food blogger or food photographer?  Or maybe you're a food producer or chef?  Or even a PR professional or social media expert?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions and you're interested in contributing to FBC then here is what you need to know!

Our Audience

Food Lovers

Our readers all have one thing in common: they love food and drink.

  • our audience is predominantly Canadian (over 70%)
  • 75% are women in the 25-44 age bracket
  • they want to know where their food comes from and the stories of those who produce it or cook it
  • they love to eat out and are looking for new restaurants to try, not just in their hometown, but in cities they are hoping to visit
  • they are interested in culinary travel
  • they are looking for easy, seasonal recipe ideas and entertaining tips
  • they are interested in easy tips for special diets
  • they are interested in expanding their culinary horizons

Food Bloggers

We also have a sizeable subset of readers who are food bloggers.  While they are included in our overall readership stats and interests, they also have a very specific set of interests that pertain to food blogging:

  • food photography and food styling
  • food writing (including freelancing, cookbook writing, magazine writing)
  • recipe development
  • blog monetization
  • social media
  • small business resources - especially those that are specific to Canada such as legal concerns, tax issues, copyright issues, contest rules and contracts
  • blog tech and SEO specifically relating to the food blogging niche

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for original articles or column ideas that either relate to food and drink or to blogging resources with a Canadian focus.  We are particularly interested in pitches from existing FBC Members or Canadian writers.  We want to  work with writers who thoughtfully inject their personality and experiences into their work.

Before pitching us, please ensure you have browsed our blog resources section, our food and drink section and our restaurant section.  Please do not pitch us ideas that have been written about in the past six months.  Please ensure your pitch idea has a Canadian focus.

Please note: we do not accept generic pitches for "content collaborations"

Food & Drink Related Articles

Food and drink pitches should have a specific theme with a Canadian focus such as: seasonal food or entertaining ideas, related to a specific diet, focused on a specific city or region, kitchen tips or tricks (these are just a few examples).  They should be more than just an SEO driven listicle.

These posts are usually 400-700 words in length and may include a recipe if relevant.

Blog Resource Articles

These articles are usually longer - 600-1000 words - and address a specific aspect of blogging like those listed above.  They should contain actionable takeaways that bloggers can put into practice immediately.

We do provide financial compensation for original content.

Submission Guidelines:

All pitches should be submitted to FBC's Managing Editor, Melissa Hartfiel.

  • Prior to submitting an idea, please browse the various sections of our site to get a feel for what we have already published.  If your pitch is similar to something we have published in the last 6 months, it will not be considered.
  • Your material must be original and cannot have appeared on your blog or been published in any other format
  • Articles should be 400-700 for food or drink related posts and 600 -1000 words for resource articles.  Images are optional but you must be the copyright holder of any images you submit or submit a release from the copyright holder allowing us to use the image for the post.
  • Please remember our audience is mainly Canadian.  Articles should reflect that - especially if you are providing third party resources for bloggers.  References to American or European law or taxation are not relevant to our members.
  • All pitches must be submitted to Melissa Hartfiel, the FBC Managing Editor, via our editorial desk.  Please be sure to include your full name and correct email address along with an outline of what you would like to write about.
  • Please keep in mind that our editorial calendars are determined 2-4 months in advance and seasonal calendars 3-6 months in advance.
  • Articles should have clear, actionable takeaways for our readers

If you are interested in a sponsored post with FBC, please contact us directly for our rate card.