Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. This week we look to a fruit basket staple - the banana!

40 Ways to Use Bananas | Food Bloggers of Canada

It's a pretty good bet that if you look at most Canadian family fruit bowls you'll find a banana. If ever there were fruit basket staples, bananas, apples and oranges are it. Bananas are available at a reasonable price all year round. They're a sturdy fruit you can can bump around, toss in a lunchbox with no extra packaging and leave them on the counter for days and they'll be just fine.

They're great for slicing on top of oatmeal, yogurt or cereal and they thicken up a smoothie in seconds - making them a breakfast standby. And, if you leave them sitting a bit too long then you can chuck them in the freezer for future smoothies or... you can make banana bread.

Banana bread has long been the classic go to recipe when you've got a few overly ripe bananas that didn't quite get eaten on time. But there's so much more you can do with bananas. In fact we've got over 40 ways to use bananas collected here and only one of them is a banana bread recipes (and none of them are smoothies!).

And we can't leave you with a banana recipe collection without dropping this earworm into your day...

I'm Chiquita banana and I've come to say
Bananas have to ripen in a certain way
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Bananas taste the best and are best for you

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1. Caramelized Banana Pecan Oatmeal

by Our Happy Mess

Caramelized Banana Pecan Oatmeal | Our Happy Mess

You can put sliced bananas on your Cheerios every morning or you can make this warm, comforting Caramelized Banana Pecan Oatmeal that's ready in 10 minutes from Our Happy Mess instead. We're going for the Caramelized Banana Pecan Oatmeal!

2. Vegan Chocolate Dipped Banana Roll-Ups on a Stick

by Abbey's Kitchen

Vegan Chocolate Dipped Banana Roll-ups On a Stick | Abbey's Kitchen

Food on a stick is just fun but it's not always the best healthy snack choice - until Abbey's Kitchen came up with these Vegan Chocolate Dipped Banana Roll-ups with Almond Butter.  Serve them on a stick your kids (and you!) will think they're an indulgent snack!

3. Banana Bread Pudding

by A Pretty Life

Banana Bread Pudding | A Pretty Life

Bread Pudding is a dish that has been traced back as far as the 11th and 12th centuries and it's been seeing a resurgence in popularity in the last year. Why? Well not only is it great for helping reduce food wasted in your kitchen, it's also one of the most comforting, delicious and homey dishes you've ever had! A Pretty Life has put a great spin on the flavours of banana bread with her Banana Bread Pudding!

4. Cookie Notti Dessert Pizza with Caramelized Bananas

by SugarLoveSpices

Cookie Notti Dessert Pizza with Caramelized Bananas | SugarLoveSpices

Bananas on a pizza? Why not? Especially when it's this tempting Cookie Notti Pizza with Caramelized Bananas from SugarLoveSpices! Slice it up and share it with friends for a pizza party.

5. Spinach, Banana, and Oat Muffins

by Sneaky Mommies

Spinach Banana and Oat Muffins | Sneaky Mommies

If you've been following our roundups for a while then you know the Sneaky Mommies are verrrry good at sneaking extra veggies into delicious things so nobody ever notices. These Spinach, Banana and Oat Muffins are a great example.  Googley eyes and vampire fangs are optional but may appeal to your kitchen crowd!

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6. Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes

from Ilona's Passion

Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes | Ilona's Passion

Banana Cream Pie is a favourite for a lot of people but what if you could have it in a portable cupcake form? That's exactly what Ilona's Passion created with her Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes.

7. Healthy Banana Split Breakfast

by Homemade & Yummy

Healthy Banana Splits For Breakfast | Homemade and Yummy

Banana splits for breakfast? Ab-so-lutely! Homemade and Yummy has put together this Healthy Banana Split Breakfast so you can start your day off  like it's summer vacation!

8. Filipino Turon (Banana Lumpia)

from The Unlikely Baker

Filipino Turon (Banana Lumpia) | The Unlikely Baker

If you want a dessert that transports you straight to the tropics you need The Unlikely Baker's Filipino Turon (Banana Lumpia). Not sure that that is? Picture bananas wrapped in spring rolls wrappers and deep fried to perfection - and if that's not enough you're going to top it with vanilla ice cream and drizzle them salted caramel sauce.  Your mouth is watering right now, isn't it?

9. Banana Oats Pancakes With Chocolate Ganache

by Skillets and Pots

Banana Oats Pancakes | Skillets and Pots

These Banana Oat Pancakes with Chocolate Ganache from Skillets and Pots are perfect for a weekend breakfast in bed or a Sunday brunch that the whole family will love!

10. Roasted Banana Bread

by Pups With Chopsticks

Roasted Banana Bread | Pups With Chopsticks

We could have done an entire banana bread recipe collections but instead we decided to just limit it to one so you could see all the amazing ways you can cook with bananas.  Pups With Chopsticks Roasted Banana Bread is a winner in our books!

More Banana Recipes

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