Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. This week, we're featuring a fan favourite everywhere with over 25 ways to make chili!

Over 25 Ways To Make Chili

Chill is a fan favourite all year round. A big pot of steaming, spicy chili warms you up in fall and winter but it's also the perfect topping to your favourite dog or baked potato year round and a tasty side to your bbq in summer.  But it gets better...

Chili is a meal prep dream.  You can make a big batch any time of year on the stove, in your Instant Pot or slow cooker. Freeze it up in meal sized portions to eat any time of year when you need a quick dinner.  But there's more....

Omnivore? Vegetarian? Vegan? No matter what your dietary preferences are there's more than a few chili recipes out there for you! But we're not done yet...

Chili can be as healthy and as economical as you want to make it. Pack it with beans, lentils, and veggies for extra bulk and flavour (and a cheaper cost). Use a leaner animal protein like chicken or turkey if you eat meat. But can we mention one more thing?

It tastes sooooo good!! There's a reason everyone loves it and it's not just because it's healthy, economical or an easy meal to prep. It's because it tastes delicious and you can dress it up (or down) however you like it.  Top it with cheese or avocado, green onions, peppers, sour cream, cashew cream, crunch tortilla chips... whatever makes it taste even better to you!

Interesting side note for you: Did you know that competition chili is not allowed to have beans or any other kind of filler in it! It's meat, tomatoes, spices and chili peppers!

But we're not in a competition here so anything goes! To get you started, we've got over 25 chili recipes for you to check out from FBC Members across the country.

How To Make the Best Chili

from Urb'N'Spice

How To Make The Best Chili |Urb'n'Spice

Let's start off with some help from Chef Denise at Urb'N'Spice with her How To Make Chili primer - she's got everything from how to make your own chili spice blend to how to create the perfect savoury meat base that you can use in your chili as well as multiple other recipes. She's got all the chili basics covered!

Spicy Vegetarian Chili

from Allergy Girl Eats

Spicy Vegetarian Chili | Allergy Girl Eats

If meat's not your jam then head over to Allergy Girl Eats for her Spicy Vegetarian Chili. It's a solid, zippy vegetarian chili recipe that everyone will love (even if they're not vegetarian!).

Chili Con Carne: Classic Beef and Bean Chili

from Getty Stewart

Chili Con Carne: Classic Beef and Bean Chili

Chili Con Carne - this is Getty Stewart's take on the classic beef and bean chili.  Her family has declared it the best in the world.  That's worth investigating isn't it?

Taco Chili

from Simply Stacie

Taco Chili | Simply Stacie

Taco Chili is one of my favourite versions of chili and Simply Stacie's version looks scrummy yummy! It's so easy to mix up and it has a slightly different flavour profile from traditional chili due to different seasoning.

Instant Pot Baby Friendly Turkey Chili

from Nomss

Instant Pot Baby Friendly Turkey Chili

You may not think of chili as a baby friendly food but Nancy at Nomss shows you how to make a few quick changes to turn this Instant Pot Turkey Chili into Instant Pot Baby Friendly Turkey Chili.

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Amazing Quinoa Chili

from Pretty Petunias

Amazing Quinoa Chili | Pretty Petuniax

Quinoa makes for a great meat-like texture when you want a meatless chili. It absorbs all the flavours as well and with Pretty Petunia's Amazing Quinoa Chili your whole family will love this dish!

Slow Cooker Chili Made In The Instant Pot

from Cathy's Gluten Free

 Slow Cooker Chili Made In the Instant Pot | Cathy's Gluten Free

Chili is a great slow-cooker dish because all that time gives the flavours the chance to mix and mingle properly. But what if you could slow cook in your Instant Pot? It won't be "instant" but it will let you brown up your meet in the same pot you're going to slow cook it in.  Cathy's Gluten Free has perfected a Slow Cooker Chili in the Instant Pot for you to try!

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Chili with White Beans

from Delicious on a Dime

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Chili | Delicious on a Dime

This Healthy Buffalo Chicken Chili with White Beans from Delicious on a Dime is a quick, easy and inexpensive week night meal that combines the fabulous flavours of spicy buffalo chicken wings with creamy, cooling ranch dressing.  It's a great twist on traditional chili!

Chipotle Peach Chili

from Food Bloggers of Canada

Chipotle Peach Chili

We dug into our own archives for this Chipotle Peach Chili. Budget friendly and packed full of pantry staples, this easy to make chili lets the sweetness of the peaches offset the heat of the chipotle peppers.

How To Make Home Made Chili For A Chili Bar

from Chef Sous Chef

How To Make A Homemade Chili Bar | Chef Sous Chef

Chili is a fabulous dish to feed a crowd. All you need is a big pot of chili in the middle of the table. Surround with plethora of delicious toppings, provide bowls and spoons and let everyone customize their own bowl.  That's what Chef Sous Chef has done here with this Homemade Chili and Chili Bar!

More Chili Recipes

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