As part of FBC’s 5th anniversary we’re sharing a special 24-day Holiday Countdown from December 1st to the 24th. We’re going back in time to reconnect with some very special FBC Members. These Canadian food bloggers were among the very first FBCers to be showcased in our Friday Featured Blogger series that still runs today (we’ve featured almost 250 bloggers in five years!).

Countdown to the Holidays Day 22: The Gouda Life | Food Bloggers of Canada

Where are they now? And how do they celebrate the holidays? Today we visit with Kelly of The Gouda Life (you can read our original feature with Kelly here from October 26, 2012).

Countdown to the Holidays Day 22: The Gouda Life | Food Bloggers of Canada

Name: Kelly

Blog Name: The Gouda Life

How has your blog evolved over the past five years?

I think that after 5 years I’m more aware of what I want to say, what I want to see on the blog recipe-wise and who I want to work with. I can’t say I’ve found my voice any more than I had because as I get older (and since becoming a mother), that seems to change rapidly.  I do feel more at ease when writing and though I don’t update things as often as I once did, I am happy with the work I’m putting out rather than pushing anything out just to say I did.

What’s your favourite holiday tradition?

I just love the hustle and busyness of the holidays. Going from party to party, house to house, sharing stories and catching up over delicious food and drink. What could be better? Every year we spend Christmas Eve with my mom/stepfather, Christmas Day with my husband and his family (and extended family of about 40), Boxing Day with my Dad and our extended family on his side. Every year is a bit different but each gathering holds tradition in one way or another and we wouldn’t change a second of it.

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Share a favourite holiday recipe with our readers

Countdown to the Holidays Day 22: The Gouda Life | Food Bloggers of Canada

This recipe is my favourite warm winter beverage: Warm Coconut Milk with Hazelnuts, Honey & Bourbon. I don’t like egg nog (I know, I know) so instead I indulge in this warm coconut milk when the temperature dips.

What are the must-have staples in your holiday pantry?

I always need to have all the fixins for a cheese board as that’s my go-to hosting “dish” since it’s so easy and makes use of all the bits and pieces in the kitchen. Aside from that, plenty of stock, grains, beans and coconut milk … and red wine — always!

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