Freestyle Sweet and Sour Chicken Roulade
A healthier and diabetes-friendly take on Sweet & Sour Chicken. All fruits and starches with GI (Glycemic Index) less than 55
  • Chicken breast I pcs 300g
  • Bran flakes 50g
  • Egg 1 pcs lightly beaten
  • Kiwi fruit 50g thinly sliced
  • Blueberry 50g
  • Dragon fruit 50g diced
  • Red, yellow bell peppers 50g diced into 5 mm cubes
  • Garlic 10g finely chopped
  • Soy sauce 30ml
  • Sesame oil 15ml
  • Vegetable oil 50ml
  • White pepper 2g
  • Haw flakes 20g
  • Ketchup 30ml
  • Rice Vinegar 30ml
  • Apple juice 60ml
  • Corn starch 10 g mixed into thick paste with a little water
  • Red rice 50g
  • Black Quinoa 50g
  • Chopped Chicken liver 100 g
  • Veg or chicken stock 200ml
  • Onion 50g finely chopped
  1. Lightly beat chicken breast flat with rolling pin to 10mm thick, marinate with half the soy sauce , sesame oil, white pepper, garlic
  2. To make stuffing, fully cook red rice and quinoa with stock. Add to pan with chopped chicken liver and onion , sauté for 5 mins and cool completely
  3. Place bran flakes into a small plastic bag and crush lightly with a rolling pin
  4. Spread stuffing onto flatten chicken breast and roll to form roulade , wrap in cling film and chill in fridge for 30 mins
  5. Place bran flakes into a small plastic bag and crush lightly with a rolling pin.
  6. Coat roulade with egg mixture and bran flakes, fried in lightly oiled pan till done
  7. To make sweet and sour sauce
  8. In a pan heat the apple juice and dissolve haw flakes, add rest of soy sauce , ketchup and rice vinegar, let boil for a few minutes and thicken with cornstarch paste.
  9. Add the diced peppers and fruit.
  10. To plate - Cut roulade into 30 mm thick slices, top with slice kiwi and top with sweet and sour sauce.
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