FBC Featured Member: Carrots & Cake | Food Bloggers of Canada

Name: Nita Sharda

Blog name: Carrots and Cake Balanced Nutrition Consulting

Where were you born? Winnipeg, also affectionately known as Winterpeg.

Where are you living now? Still in the 204, Winnipeg!

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog in conjunction with my consulting business. I’m a Registered Dietitian; I see clients in a private setting for nutrition counseling. I wanted to create a blog to draw the connection between being a nutrition professional and a “normal” person who enjoys foods (even high fat, high calorie foods). The blog also serves as a great creative outlet and allows me to network with like-minded people who are as passionate about food as I am.

How did you decide on your blog name?

I came up with Carrots and Cake because it was fun, quirky and it embodies my personal philosophy when it comes to eating and enjoying food, balance.

What do you blog about?

I primarily blog about recipes that I’ve developed or adapted with emphasis on vegetarian cuisine (although, I do enjoy meat from time to time). I also blog about food stories to share what our local producers are creating, like this one about Cornelle Crème Ice Cream. In the future, I hope to blog more about South Asian cuisine and use my blog as a platform to share traditional Indian recipes with a Western twist.

What post on your blog most encapsulates you?

FBC Featured Member: Carrots & Cake | Food Bloggers of Canada

Definitely this one, where I talk about my personal food philosophy.

Which post do you wish received more love and why?

I wrote a blog post titled “Detoxing the Detox” in response to a number of mixed messages in the media and our society about “detoxing”. What we choose to eat is important, but how we treat our body is equally important to achieve health. I don’t think it’s necessary to submit ourselves to potentially dangerous detoxes. Instead, we should examine our diet lifestyle and work on small changes rather than quick fixes.

FBC Featured Member: Carrots & Cake | Food Bloggers of Canada

There’s another post I also wish received a bit more lovin. This time, it was for a Very Berry Pavlova recipe I shared during the summer season last year. The purpose of this was to showcase that despite eating my fruit and veggies I also love sugary desserts, like pavlova!

Which post’s success surprised you and why?

FBC Featured Member: Carrots & Cake | Food Bloggers of Canada

I was shocked at how many people visited, baked and then shared images of their Breakfast Muffins. So awesome!

What’s your biggest challenge as a blogger?

My biggest challenge as a blogger is juggling a full time career and being consistent with sharing content on my blog. I always want the content on my blog to be high quality, but I also don’t want my followers to feel like I’m disappearing. Balance. It’s something even I’m working on.

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Share a couple of your favourite food blogs to read. Why do you like them?

The Kitchy Kitchen - I love how simple the recipes are, and how fun and approachable Claire is. I swear, we’re kindred spirits.

Smitten Kitchen - I’ve been a fan of Smitten Kitchen since forever. Seriously. Her site is so user friendly and those honest stories about each recipe are so appreciated.

The Fig Tree Blog - Courtney at The Fig Tree Blog is a personal friend and I’ve absolutely enjoyed visiting her blog. I enjoy her interest in creating enjoyable foods that are also nutritious. (you can read FBC's profile of The Fig Tree Blog)

Favourite food - care to share a recipe or a restaurant destination?

Handsdown, my favorite type of cuisine is Spanish Tapas. My favorite restaurant is in Winnipeg, called Segovia. (check out our roundup of Tapas restaurants in Winnipeg including Segovia!)

What are you working on next for your blog?

I’m working on a fun “girls night in” series featuring East Indian cuisine. I’ve networked with a few local bloggers and I’ll be rolling out the recipes in May. This series will be more meaningful to me than recipes I’ve previously shared. These recipes have been in my family for years and one by one other can enjoy them.

What else should we know about you that may or not be in your “About Me” page?

I eat dark chocolate. Every. Single. Day. And, my new favorite form of physical activity is Barre!

What makes your blog unique?

Carrots and Cake offers readers a chance to identify with a Registered Dietitian who takes pleasure in selecting, preparing and eating foods. It’s a way to dispel stereotypes that suggest Dietitian’s only eat greens, beans and lentils. Sounds yummy, but there’s more to food, and life!

What’s your Favourite FBC Feature?

I recently discovered and fell in love with the feature on Seasons & Suppers. Excuse me while I drool.

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Eric cable

I have had the pleasure of eating a meal mrs Sharda has prepared. To put it simply, healthy never tasted so good.

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