Welcome to March's FBC Restaurant Roundup! This month we're asking some of our crew of Canadian restaurant bloggers for their favourite local picks for Dim Sum.  With Dim Sum there are so many dishes to choose from that there's always something for everyone so, if you're a fan or if you've never tried it, here are some great choices to check out across the country!

Our Favourite Choices for Canadian Dim Sum

We're going to start in Vancouver this month where there are soooooooo many Dim Sum choices that we have two bloggers weighing in!

Vancouver's Favourite Spots for Dim Sum

Dai Tung

Dai Tung Vancouver

Dee de los Santos from Gastrofork chose Vancouver's Dai Tung as her favourite:

Dai Tung is a recently renovated, delicious and consistent dim sum spot in Vancouver. Portions and prices are very reasonable, as made apparent by the lineups during any time of the week!

You can read Dee's full review of Dai Tung on Gastrofork.

Cindy's Palace

Cindy's Palace Vancouver

Sean from Sean's Adventures in Flavourtown picked an East Vancouver favourite, Cindy's Palace:

My go to place in the city for Dim Sum is over in East Vancouver located at 1796 Nanimo Street.  Cindy's Palace is an area favourite for Dim Sum and is worth making a trip out for to try the extra large Sui Mai dumplings filled with nice plump shrimp and pork mousse as well as the Deep Fried Shrimp Cakes that are 100% shrimp with no filler.  The restaurant is family friendly with with ample seating and speedy, attentive service.


Winnipeg's Favourite Spot for Dim Sum

Noodle Express

Noodle Express Winnipeg

We're hopping over Alberta this month and moving on to Winnipeg where Kathryne from Food Musings wanted to share her favourite, Noodle Express:

The lunch line ups are long at the Noodle Express where all inclusive options are available as well as a variety of noodles (of course).  But from  2 pm until closing, it is dim sum 2 for 1 Happy Hour.  Already, arguably the best dim sum in town, it is an absolute steal at these prices

Kathryne's review of Noodle Express is up on Food Musings.

Time to move on to Ontario where we have picks from Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo.

Toronto's Favourite Spot for Dim Sum

Crown Princess Fine Dining

Crown Princess Fine Dining Toronto

Stella at Food Junkie Chronicles chose Crown Princess Fine Dining for her favourite in Toronto

Aside from the traditional dim sum dishes, Crown Princess Fine Dining also offers modern and inventive creations. Their elegant decor, coupled with fancy tableware, sets it apart from your typical dim sum joint in Chinatown. Crown Princess is a treat

Stella's full review of Crown Princess is available on Food Junkie Chronicles.

Ottawa's Favourite Spot for Dim Sum

Hung Sum Restaurant (870 Somerset Street W.)

Hung Sum - Ottawa

Don and the crew at Foodie Prints thought you should all know abut Hung Sum in Ottawa

Dim sum is somewhat limited in the nation's capital.  For many years, only a handful of eateries served the traditional meal of snacks and tea.  They tended to be larger ones that employed server-driver carts.  Some specialized in Cantonese-style dishes.  Others, more northern Chinese interpretations.  Hung Sum, with its limited dining room of 25 seats, falls in the former category.  Only, the family-owned restaurant dispensed with the carts, opting for order cards.  While its dishes pale in comparison with dim sum served in cities with higher densities of Hong Kong expats like Markham or Vancouver, everything is served hot and fresh.  From shrimp har gow dumplings to turnip cake, plates taste like they were made to order.  You could do worse

Be sure to read the whole Foodie Prints review of Hung Sum.

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Kitchener/Waterloo's Favourite Spot for Dim Sum

King Tin Seafood Restaurant, 258 King St N, Waterloo

King Tin Waterloo

Alex from Waterloo Region Eats shared his favourite - King Tin:

For Cantonese and Szechuan cooking, King Tin offers the usual immense range of dozens and dozens of dishes, from hot and sour soup and pot stickers to Ha-moon style vermicelli; from beef brisket casseroles to Peking duck.

Montreal's Favourite Spot for Dim Sum

La Maison Kam Fung

kam fung Montreal

Jason from Shut Up and Eat regularly posts Dim Sum pictures on his Instagram feed and his choice is La Masion Kam Fung

La Maison Kam Fung.  Dumplings; dim sum staples. One does not simply order one kind of dumplings when one dims the sum.  Little bundles of masterfully weaved doughy wrappers, hugging various meats, spices and ingredients, the variety is practically endless and as each cart that passes by, you'll be enticed by the auntie singing her cart's contents… by far my favourite spot for Dim Sum.

Check out Jason's full review of Kam Fung.

Big thanks to our entire Restaurant Roundup Crew for sharing their favourite Canadian Dim Sum spots.  They’ll all be back next month with their top picks for an old standby in any city - pizza!  Can't wait to find out about Canada's favourite pizza joints - be sure to join us!

Don’t see your city listed here?  Do you review restaurants on your blog and are you and FBC Member?  Then let us know! We’re still looking for folks in Victoria, Kelowna, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Fredericton, St. John’s and Charlottetown.  You can reach out to us through our Contact page.

***all images are courtesy of our Restaurant Roundup Crew.

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