It's my pleasure to introduce one of my favourite new blogs - Will Travel For Food - written by Lebanese born and raised Montrealer by way of New York, Mayssam.  She's worked in interior designer, was a graphic artist and  even dabbled in catering before becoming a full-time writer. She's been in Montreal for over 20 years now but her foodie musings aren't just limited to Montreal - she's all about delicious discoveries all over the planet!  In her own words: " I dream food, I live food and I love food, all day, everyday. From Michelin-starred restaurants across the planet to the latest hole-in-the-wall down the street, I don’t discriminate and want to taste it all!"

In a recent post on a trip to Toronto, she hit up some of my favourite places to eat, and some I haven't even managed to get to yet!

She was lucky enough to travel to Food Blogger Connect this past summer in London and wrote a "must print it out next time I go to London" guide to 5 days' worth of great eats. (Mayssam - I have nearly that exact same pic from the Tate Modern!).

A trip to Copenhagen proved that Mayssam doesn't just take great photos of food  - she has an true photographer's eye for the beautiful places she visits.

But Mayssam doesn't just travel - she also cooks beautiful dishes at home.  Check out her twist on the classic Pudding Chômeur, and, I mean, anyone who hosts an annual dessert party is certainly someone I would want to be friends with, right? 😉

One of my favourite posts from Mayssam's archives though is her post entitled "A suitcase full of sweets" - referring to the fact that her parents always bring, well, a suitcase filled with sweets, when they come to visit each year. I can *so* relate to that Mayssam 🙂

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I leave you with this image - her mum's strawberry and pastry cream tart - I mean, who wouldn't want to sit down with Mayssam over a coffee and a slice of this to get to know her better. I know I hope I get that opportunity someday!

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Photo of Mayssam © Carrie MacPherson

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Carrie MacPherson

Photo of Mayssam © Carrie MacPherson

(This is why I need to remember to always put my copyright directly ON the photos! The majority of bloggers just don’t really care about crediting the photographer.)

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