Everyone has a particular interest and in the blogging world, we all have a platform to share what we love. In Tiffany Mayer's case, that love is the Niagara region of Ontario. Aptly named, Eating Niagara, Tiffany is on a constant search to seek out and share the local food and farming scene around the area. She's been focusing on this beautiful region and its agriculture for many years, as both a reporter and now as a freelance writer.

While Tiffany supports and promotes the local agriculture scene, she is admittedly a brown thumb longing to be a green thumb. With the help of Linda Crago, a farmer of heirloom vegetables over at Tree and Twig, Tiffany got a crash course in Planting 101. The highlights were putting seeds in the freezer, planting depth, having patience and not being afraid of seeds!

In the spirit of community and sharing, Tiffany also allows Eating Niagara to be a platform for others. One particularly interesting series features various men and women that grow the all the different grapes to produce Ontario wines. We often take the wine we drink for granted, but there are so many steps before that initial sip of wine is enjoyed. It's a testament to the relationships that Tiffany cultivates that organizations like the Grape Growers of Ontario can share these stories and educate people.

Of course, like any good food blogger, Tiffany is busy cooking at home with all this tremendous produce around her. With a little "oomph" to cut up the pumpkin, the result was a silky and fragrant Thai Pumpkin Soup that should have us all longing for October.

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Not surprisingly, Tiffany is the perfect person to represent the FBC as the Regional Events contact for Ontario (excluding Toronto) and we're lucky to have her on our team.  As big as Ontario is, we're confident that Tiffany will eventually get around to knowing each and every farmer by name and her own garden will be sprouting in no time!

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This is so timely and so useful! I’m planning a trip to Canada and I’ll be stopping in Toronto for a few days, and of course I will be visiting the falls. Bookmarking it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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