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When we first came across Movita Beaucoup, we immediately knew that one day it had to be one of our Featured Member Blogs.  It has many of the things we love: great recipes, great photos, great community, a great look, great voice and, tying it all together,  a wicked sense of humour.

Movita, aka Rachael, hails from Halifax, NS where by day, she’s a full time ballet teacher.  A full time ballet teacher who is getting ready to hang up her pointe shoes and go back to school full time.  Baking School!

as you can see, Movita has a healthy sense of humor about things like... January (as one must)

Does it get much dreamier for a food blogger than getting accepted to baking school?  If you’ve seen her Caramilk Brownies or her Pretty In Pink Cottage done in gingerbread, then you know she’ll make the most of every minute of it of it.

Of course, you can all understand that getting in to baking school necessitates that she get an iPhone.  It's a given really.  Because now she's going to be famous and famous people need iPhones (so they can tweet important things!) So she is now waging a campaign on Facebook and Twitter so that she can get one and her other half, known as 2.0, can't roll his eyes at her.

Pink Gingerbread Cottage

So we urge you all to stop by and visit Movita - she's always looking for new BFFs!  And if you want to help her become famous and get that iPhone you can find her here on Facebook and here on Twitter.

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movita beaucoup

First, thank you so much for featuring my blog – I am totally flattered, and am proud to be a member of FBC. Second, thanks for lending your voice to my smart phone quest. How can 2.0 argue with what is clearly the best group of food bloggers around?

The Neighbour

Sniff,sniff, Movita, we are so proud of you…Now everyone follow Movita so she can get her iPhone!!!

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