If you follow Calantha Elsby on Twitter, you've probably seen the beautiful loaves of bread (^^^) she posts on a regular basis. And if you're like me, you'll be in awe of that!  Well did you know that Calantha, as well as being an amazing bread baker (and founder of the Elora Bread Trading Company) is our Ontario Regional Admin (excluding Toronto) here at FBC? Oh, and she blogs over at piecurious too!

Calantha is a woman of many talents - she's studied audio engineering, majored in political science and minored in French. Last year she completed a Master’s degree in political theory and then spent the following six months working in bakeries. Now she's an Instructional Technology Specialist. And did we mention she bakes?

In her own words (because she says it so well) "piecurious is about words–words that are chosen and organized to reflect the thoughts and feelings, customs and behaviours, that certain foods inspire.  Foods primarily consisting of water and flour, sugar and salt, butter and eggs.  On the surface, then, it’s about bread, cake and cookies.  Cafes and bakeries.  Bakers and pastry makers.  But between the lines its about history, community, and people.  Creativity, art and endless learning."

Calantha is a recent transplant to the small town of Elora "in search of slowness, calmness and community" which she seems to be finding. Reading her blog is like sitting down with a friend over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, listening to her eloquently explore her feelings as she comes to terms with a new (way of) life.

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A big part of her new life has been the Elora Bread Trading Company born out of a serendipitous meeting with her partner in the venture,  Sonia Cheng, who she met at a training session for the KIPP Elora community oven. (Can I just say here that I love that Elora has a Kitchen In the Park Project?)  Together, they dreamt up a small scale artisan bread production that would operate primarily out of the farmers’ market.  And possibly offering our bread to other small businesses.  And maybe even offering a bread subscription service, somewhat like a CSA….  Yes, they have big dreams. And why not?

Whilst the EBTC is a hugely exciting development in Calantha's life, she continues to bake, cook and blog. And if you haven't stopped by her blog lately, you might have missed these:

One of my favourite piecurious recipes: nostalgic banana bread.

Seedy and spiced red lentil crackers.

Strawberry rhubarb tart for Gastropost.

Peach-ginger creamsicles for Gastropost.

Tasty treats, gorgeous pictures and beautiful writing - if you haven't stopped by piecurious, what are you waiting for?

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That strawberry rhubarb tart and photo are just mesmerizing. I can’t stop looking at it! Lovely photos and treats!

A Canadian Foodie

The red lentil crackers have put me over the edge. I just made crackers today and need to make some more… I think these will be on my list – and, guess what? Calantha has joined Cheesepalooza! I was wondering through her site the other day with my mouth hanging open. What a busy and talented gal! Can’t wait to learn from her and collaborate with her over some CHEESE!

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