Have you heard of the delightfully named Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops blog? If not you should definitely take a little time to get to know Lyndsey and her tasty corner of the world wide web.

aforementioned "vanilla clouds"

A self taught cook, Lyndsey  blogs mostly recipes for everyday meals, though from time to time she will include those special occasion dishes too, as well as complete menu ideas.  Lyndsey is also lucky enough to have her own personal library with a collection of over 1000 (!) cookbooks so you will also find cookbook reviews on her blog.  One of my favourite sections of Lindsey’s blog is her handy conversions guide – so useful!!!

Originally hailing from Scotland (where all of her family still resides), Lynsdey is now a permanent resident of Canada and lives in Vancouver.  Though as one of her dreams is to “eat her way around the world” I am sure we will see Lyndsey blogging from other lands too...  In the meantime, she’s cooking up some tasty treats in her own kitchen including these:

Mozzarella Chilli Bruschetta

 Cucumber sandwiches for a tea party

Hot Greek Salad

Everyday Chicken Cassoulet

Steak with red wine and mushroom shallot sauce

Nanaimo Bars

Tasty stuff huh?

Want to read more? Grab yourself a coffee and head on over to Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops and lose yourself in Lyndsey's stories and delicious food.

Also, keep up with Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops on Facebook and Twitter.

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Thank you so much for featuring Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops as this weeks Featured Member Blog! I am delighted : )

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