Start prepping for your Halloween party with these fun (but very creepy) Halloween entertaining ideas!

10 Halloween Entertaining Ideas | Food Bloggers of Canada

Halloween is always a great time to get really creative when it comes to treats! So many of these Halloween entertaining ideas that we've gathered up are pure fun - and surprisingly easy and quick! Some can be made ahead and most of them are perfect for involving little ghosts and goblins in the kitchen. They'll have as much fun making Halloween treats as they will eating them and sharing them with their friends!

We've got a non-alcoholic "melting witch" punch, orange and black doughnuts, monster cookies, and pie covered in the cutest (scary... we mean scary) ghosties you've ever seen.  There's gruesome "hand pies" and Feetloaf and lots of googly eyes!

So ditch the tricks and go all in on the treats - everyone will love them!  And be sure to check out all our other Halloween ideas!

1. Melting Witch Halloween Punch (Non-Alcoholic)

by Food Meanderings

Melting Witch Halloween Punch | Food Meanderings

Every good party needs a great punch and this Melting Witch Halloween Punch from Food Meanderings is perfect for all ages. With the cute little witch hats made out of Oreos and Kisses and candy eyeballs floating on top of an ice cream, limade and soda punch this is a fun one to get the kids to help you with (there's no alcohol).

2. Spooky Halloween Chocolate Bark

by The Olive Blogger

Spooky Halloween Chocolate Bark | The Olive Blogger

Googly eyed Spooky Halloween Chocolate Bark from The Olive Blogger is a really easy treat to whip up! You can get the kids to help or you can make it ahead of time so it's easy to pull out just in time for your party!

3.  Orange and Black Halloween Board

by Food Mamma

Orange and Black Halloween Board | Food Mamma

You may not want allOrange and Black Halloween Charcuterie Board sweets at your Halloween party so put together a snappy like this one from Food Mamma that gives them a little bit of everything to snack on!

4. Halloween Hand Pie

by Jo and Sue

Halloween Hand Pies | Jo and Sue
These Halloween Hand Pies (hand pies in the shape of hands! haha!) oooze blood from the wrists so they're a grim addition to your Halloween party.  Except not really - Jo and Sue have filled them with a delicious cherry pie filling!  They're so fun!

5. Easy, Baked Cake Mix Halloween Doughnuts

by The Mommy Mix

Easy, Baked Cake Mix Halloween Doughnuts | The Mommy Mix

These Easy, Baked Cake Mix Halloween Doughnuts from The Mommy Mix are super easy to whip up for a Halloween party or for a last minute classroom Halloween treat (you know it's going to happen!).

6. Halloween Pumpkin Pie

by A Pretty Life

Halloween Pumpkin Pie | A Pretty Life

This might be the cutest spooky Halloween pumpkin pie we've ever seen. A Pretty Life created this fun dessert full of cute little ghosties that everyone will love.

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7. Feetloaf

by Kravings Food Adventures

Feetloaf | Kravings

We think this Feetloaf from Kravings Food Adventures would be great to team up with the Hand Pies we featured earlier! It's created from a delicious meatloaf recipe!

8. Halloween No Bake Brownie Bites

by Meal Plan Addict

Healthy Halloween No Bake Brownie Bites | Meal Plan Addict

These cute... ahem... we mean SCARY no bake Halloween Brownie Bites from Meal Plan Addict are actually pretty healthy on the treat scale with a base of peanut butter and dates.  They're also fast and easy to make - especially if you have a few kid helpers!

9. Halloween Monster Cookies

by My Kitchen Love

Halloween Monster Cookies | My Kitchen Love

Candy eyeballs make anything more fun. You go from a plate of regular, delicious cookies to a plate of scaaaaary cookies! Like these Monster Halloween Cookies from My Kitchen Love.

10. Pumpkin Chocolate Halloween Doughnuts

by Girl Heart Food

Pumpkin Chocolate Hallowee Doughnuts | Girl Heart Food

Pumpkin and chocolate together are a tasty combo and these Pumpkin Chocolate Halloween Doughnuts from Girl Heart Food are an easy baked doughnut with all the flavours of Halloween.  Top them with chocolate ganache and lots of scary sprinkles and you have a great Halloween treat!

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