Food Bloggers of Canada is pleased to present a food photography workshop for our BC members with professional food photographer, Jackie Connelly**.

This is a great opportunity to improve your photography skills and meet some of your fellow FBC Members

What: Food Photography Workshop For Food Bloggers
June 30th 2012 9am-11am
Sugar Studios, Studio B 1635 Powell Street, Vancouver
Ticket Price:
All food bloggers, whether you photograph in your kitchen or in a restaurant
Registration and Payment:
to register, email Jackie directly at info[at]jackieconnelly[dot]com.  She will arrange payment with you.

This workshop is geared towards making the most of photographing in poor lighting conditions with minimal equipment and is suitable for both point and shoot users and DSLR users.

Jackie will spend the first half hour speaking to the group about some basic photography, lighting and composition techniques as well as some tips and tricks of the trade.  The remaining time will be spent practicing on 4 different shot setups.  Each student will receive 1-on-1 time with Jackie where she can answer your specific questions and help you with your trouble spots.

You will also receive some refresher notes prior to the workshop from Jackie and some workshop notes to take away from the session.

Required Equipment:

  • Camera (DSLR or Point and Shoot are welcome.  This is not geared to mobile device photography ie, smartphones)
  • Camera manual
  • Tripod
  • Pen and Paper

The class is limited to 15 attendees.  You do not need to be an FBC member to attend.

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Additional 1 hour workshop available on learning how to earn income from your images.

For an additional $50, Jackie will host a second workshop from 11:30 – 12:30 on the business aspects of food photography.  Learn about how to find clients (restaurants, stock imagery, magazines, on-line), prepare an estimate, prepare for a shoot and invoice.  If you have specific questions you can email them to Jackie prior to the workshop and she’ll answer them during the class.

** Jackie Connelly is a Vancouver Island based photographer who specializes in garden, food and food lifestyle photography.  Her client list includes Pourhouse, the Glowbal Group, Terra Breads, Browns Social House, Au Petite Chavignol, among others.  She has also photographed the book Sugar Snaps and Strawberries as well as features for GardenWise Magazine.   She is also a member of FBC along with her sister, Tina.  Together they author the blog Willowtree – a food blog for people who are living with food sensitivities!

***We do reserve the right to cancel the workshop if minimum enrollment numbers are not met.

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we hope it goes well… if it does we would like nothing more than to be able to bring similar workshops to major centres across the country with local professional photographers. So stay tuned!


I would absolutely love to be able to attend but unfortunately I will be in Scotland. My Christmas present was actually a private photography lesson from Jackie and she is fantastic…. hopefully I can make it next time as there is always so much to learn!


I took my first food photography class with Jackie and I know she is fantastic. Definitely a great learning opportunity and I am really looking forward to her additional class on the business side of things!

jackie connelly

Lyndsey – I hope your shooting is going well! And safe travels on your upcoming trip 🙂

I’m excited to meet more Vancouver foodies on the 30th!

~ j

The Flirty Foodie

I would absolutely love to attend this workshop! Unfortunately I work late the night before and there’s no way I’ll be able to get over to Vancouver that early in the morning:( Hopefully there will be another one in the future sometime.

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