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As we're sure all of you are aware by now, Canada's new Anti-Spam legislation comes into effect tomorrow - a Happy Canada Day present from the Canadian government for us all!

As bloggers and, in many cases, small businesses, the legislation affects us all differently and depends very much on the kind of information we currently send out or want to send out in the future.  But it is critical that we are all aware of it and what it entails.  The penalties are very high.

For us here at FBC it means that we are asking all our members for their express consent, rather than implied consent, to continue sending you all our monthly newsletter.

As well as our monthly newsletter that goes to all members, we also want to be able to send you other newsletters from time to time that contain special Members Only Opportunities, or highly targeted, paid, brand opportunities that only go to members in specific cities or who write in specific blog genres.  It also allows us to invite you to special events,  FBC seminars or meetups, or give you the opportunity to participate in FBC FAM trips like we have done with Tourism Montreal and, most recently, Tourism Kelowna.

These are often some of our best opportunities and we want to make sure that we can send them to everyone who they apply to.  Don't miss out - especially because we have some great ones coming.

Please check your inboxes (and junk mail!) for an email that would have come from either Ethan or Melissa last week on June 25th or 26th,  asking you to resubscribe to your FBC Newsletter!

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And if you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to update your FBC Member profile where you can tell us exactly what kind of blogging opportunities you want to receive! (you can also check off the two boxes giving us your consent to send you our newsletters!).  Just log-in to FBC and go to your user profile and make your changes.

Thanks for sticking with us - we're very excited about some of the things we have coming your way during the last half of the year!

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