Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. This week we're featuring a more unusual but utterly delightful cooking ingredient: flower essences with over 10 recipes that use flower essences

Collage of Recipes that use flower essences

Have you ever cooked with flower essences? Cooking with flower essences is different from cooking with actual flowers but can be equally delightful!

The most common flower essences that are used in the kitchen are rosewater, orange blossom (or orange flower) water and elderflower cordial or syrup - but there are other more unusual ones like kewra (or keora). If you've never used them, you can learn more about rosewater, orange blossom water and kewra here.

If you've never worked with flower essences before, a little usually goes a long way. The idea is to add a delicate floral hint to your dishes. But when you do use them you'll find they bring something special to your dishes. They bring an espeically refreshing quality to cocktails, ice cream, and creamy drinks.

As you'll find with this collection of recipes, they're most often found in beverages and desserts but, it's not out of the ordinary to find them being used in more savoury dishes as well - usually rice dishes, meats and biriyanis.

We hope this collection of recipes for using flower essences gives you lots of inspiration to try cooking with these interesting ingredients!

1. Grapefruit Lavender Spring Blossom Cocktail

by Cooking in My Genes

Grapefruit Lavender Spring Blossom Cocktail

This dreamy Grapefruit Lavender Spring Blossom Cocktail from Cooking In My Genes uses lavender bitters and is a wonderful way to toast mom on Mother's day or to celebrate the arrival of better weather and backyard patios!

2. Rosewater French Madeleines

by Bon Appét'Eat

A baking tray of Rosewater French Madeleines

As the name suggests these lovely Rosewater French Madeleines from Bon Apptet'eat use rosewater to add a subtle floral flavour to these sweet treats.

3. Mason Jar Royal Rose Falooda

by Kravings Food Adventures

Royal Rose Falooda served in mason jars with straws

Mason Jar Royal Rose Falooda from Kraving's Food Adventures is a refreshing, icy cold milky drink that will make you feel like summer has arrived in all its glory. As the name suggest, these are made with rose syrup for that floral note!

4. Semolina Cake Soaked in Orange Blossom Syrup

by SugarLoveSpices

A slice of semolina cake soaked in orange blossom syrup removed from the whole cake

Semolina Cake soaked in Orange Blossom Syrup from SugarLoveSpices is a delicious super moist semolina cake infused with orange juice and orange blossom water with a little crunch from the topping of coconut and slivered almonds! A delightful treat for spring.

5. Strawberry Rosewater Semifreddo

by My Kitchen Love

Sliced Strawberry Rosewater Semifreddo drizzled with strawberry puree.

Semifreddo is an easy form of ice cream you can make without an ice cream maker. It slices up nicely for a perfect end to dinner and this Strawberry Rosewater Semifreddo from My Kitchen Love makes the most of spring strawberries and delicate rosewater.

6. Elderflower Cordial

by Bacon is Magic

An vodka cranberry elderflower cocktail from above.

Elderflower is a very popular flavouring in the UK. Elderflower Cordial is used to flavour many cocktails, drinks and desserts but you can easily make your own at home with this recipe from Bacon is Magic (which includes some delicious cocktail recipe ideas as well!).

7. Easy Elderflower Mocktail

by Salt and Lavender

Two elderflower cocktails in glasses with berries

Whether you make your elderflower syrup or cordial from scratch or buy it at your grocery store, you'll definitely want to try this refreshing and simple Elderflower Mocktail from Salt & Lavender.

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8. Rose Flavoured Ricotta Cheese Shondesh

by Cooking Sutra

A terra cotta jar full of rose flavoured ricotta cheese shondesh

Shondesh is a type of Indian sweet - a cheese fudge if you will! But made with ricotta cheese with its sweet notes. These Rose Flavoured Ricotta Cheese Shondesh from Cooking Sutra are delicately flavoured with rosewater and rose petals for a perfectly elegant and beautiful sweet.

9. Raspberry Rose Ice Cream

by Everyday on Occasion

A bowl full of raspberry rose ice cream

This is another no churn ice cream that you'll want to make over and over during the summer - Raspberry Rose Ice Cream from Everyday on Occasion.  Made, of course, with rosewater and Chambourd.

10. Sunrise Blossom Smoothie

by The Primal Desire

Pink Sunrise blossom smoothie in a tall glass

Start your day with this refreshing Sunrise Blossom Smoothie from The Primal Desire with strawberries, coconut milk, grapefruit and a touch of orange blossom water.

11. Pastiera Napoletana

by Pina Bresciani

Pastiera Napoletana with a slice missing

This version of Pastiera Napoletana from Pina Bresciani is a very traditional recipe for the dessert, including a traditional pasta frolla (shortcrust dough), and candied orange peels and fior d’arancio (orange blossom water) for the filling.

12. Apricot Parcels with Honey Glaze

by The Taste Space

A bowl of apricot parcels with honey glaze and a spoon

These Apricot Parcels with Honey Glaze from The Taste Space are Moroccan inspired and a perfect way to welcome apricot season. It's made up of apricots stuffed with an almond paste made with orange blossom water and wrapped in phyllo pastry and of course, drizzled with a honey glaze!

13. Pistachio Rose Semolina Cake

by (T)Rue Store

We finish up with this video for Pistachio Rose Cake from (T)Rue Story. Pistachio and rosewater are a classic flavour pairing and they come together beautifully in this moist semolina cake with a hint of cardamom. You can also find the recipe here.

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Collage of Recipes that use flower essences

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