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One of our goals of the FBC site was to build, grow and maintain a resource library that food bloggers can refer to for any number of topics. Well, while the library needs some time to continue its growth, based on the subjects and the professionals who've contributed thus far, we're well on our way to reaching our goal.

Here's a recap of the resources we've published in 2011.

Recipe Development

salt garlic olive oil and vinegar

Food blogging wouldn't be much of anything without food, so to that end, we brought in Dan Clapson of DansGoodSide to share with us his talents when it comes to recipe development. To date, he's divulged his 5 fundamentals for creating your own original recipes and making a bowl of soup your very own.

Food Photography

We were lucky enough to secure a professional photographer in Liz Nyland of Guilty Kitchen. Liz started us off with an explanation of what cameras exposure modes are all about and a challenge to read up on our own.

What is a food stylist and what exactly do they do? We decided to go right to the source on this one and asked Adele Hagan, a professional food stylist.

Adding the fixings

Once we all knew what Adele does for a living! She was kind enough to show us the incredible transformation of how a burger can be transformed into a work of art.

Writing Cookbook Reviews

A shelf crammed with cookbooks

There is no bible when it comes to writing reviews of cookbooks. However, Liliana Tommasini of her aptly named My Cookbook Addiction gave us her take on how to write a cookbook review.

Writing Restaurant Reviews

Evelyne Budkewitsch of Cheap Ethnic Eatz offered us a great how-to on what to take into consideration when it comes to reviewing restaurants. There is certainly more than you'd think and Evelyne breaks it all down.

PR For Food Bloggers

Wine Glasses

One of the biggest questions when it comes to food blogging is how bloggers and PR agencies work together? Well, we went straight to the source and asked Andrea Karpala of Faye Clack Communications. Answer is right here.

After knowing how to work with PR agencies, the next step is taking what agencies provide in the way of press releases and making it work for your blog. Mary Luz Mejia of explains how a press release can work for you.

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Meal Planning

Jannise Scott, event planner, writer, wife, mom and food blogger of Family Bites was the simple and perfect choice to discuss meal planning. With a little bit of time, effort and thought, meal time doesn't have to be a rush.

SEO Tips for Bloggers

FBC Member: Show your true colours

You asked for FBC badges and FBC badges is what you got. However, to go along with those badges, we had Melissa Hartfiel of Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach offer up a great tutorial with plenty of visuals on how to install it yourself.

People always allude to SEO capabilities when it comes to the photos in their posts, but it's one of those things that needed to be clarified. To that end, Melissa broke it all down in plain old English that anyone could understand.

Growing Your Food Blog

As someone who has been at it for as long as Mardi Michels of eat. live. travel. write, who better than to discuss ways to growing your blog. Just like the turtle, slow and steady gets the job done when it comes to blogging as well. Building rapport and a community by commenting on other blogs is a great way to build your own traffic.

Finding Your Writing Voice

Two people have a conversation with tin cans and string
Can you hear me?

One of the great challenges of writing, be it daily, weekly, is being true to yourself. It's important to write, because you want to and not because you feel an obligation. Whether you believe it or not, your readers can tell the diference. Ethan Adeland of Tastes Better With Friends wrote about this while encouraging one and all to embrace their writers voice.

That's it for 2011! Look forward to seeing the library grow in 2012 with you and for you!

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Rita Huneault

This was so informative and just what I was hoping to get here. I still have a housefull, but in a
few days I will be able to sit and try to improve my blog. Thank you!
Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy.

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