Every Monday on her YouTube channel,  food trends expert Dana McCauley gives us the lowdown on the trends that are happening in the food world.  Stop by FBC on Tuesdays for a little extra insight from Dana on how you as a food blogger can use this information in your work!  This summer, Dana is running her Summer Flavour Forecast highlighting some of the flavour trends you can expect to see playing out this fall and into the new year!

Summer Flavour Forecast | Cake and Coffee | Food Bloggers of Canada

One of the things that always intrigues me as a food trend tracker is that for every trend there’s always an opposite impulse driving another movement. Take the consumer interest for healthier foods. Just as the marketplace started to respond in meaningful ways to that trend, we saw the rise of extreme eating with Heart Attack Grill, Epic Meal Time and “Baconmania” eliciting a massive consumer response. Chalk it up to every yin needing a yang, but the phenomena is age old.

This week marks the launch of my first annual (how’s that for optimism!) Mid-year Flavour Forecast. Starting June 29 and continuing for the ensuing nine weeks, Food Trends TV will focus on a flavour trend that I predict will be big this autumn and, in most cases, into 2016.

This week I highlight a trend dichotomy which sees the nostalgic flavour of Birthday Cake trending up at the same time that the more adult Coffee flavour edges into the very same space. I hope you enjoy this first episode of the Flavour Forecast and tune in over the summer to see what else is looming on the flavour horizon.

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