The FBC Holiday Gift Guide

Every year we gather up some of our favourite gift ideas from around the web and from our brand partners to bring you our annual Holiday Gift Guide.  We've got some great picks for you this year and there's something to fit every budget.  (some links are affiliate links)  If you missed it, yesterday we published our Holiday Cookbook Guide full of great titles any cookbook lover will be thrilled with!  And, you can enter to win a brand new Nespresso VertuoLine coffee and espresso maker too!

The FBC Holiday Gift Guide

The Nespresso VertuoLine Machine makes both freshly single serve brewed coffee and traditional espresso with a rich generous crema.  It's also a beautifully sleek machine  that will stand out in any kitchen.   For more information visit  And check out the end of our post where you can enter to win your very own Nespresso VertuoLine from FBC and Nespresso.

The FBC Holiday Gift Guide

A new coffee or espresso maker may not be on your Christmas list this year but it's still easy to please the coffee or tea lover in your life with some of these great stocking suffer ideas:

  1. McCafe Coffee - McDonald’s Canada recently launched its McCafé Premium Roast coffee in grocery stores across the country.  You can purchase it in ground, Keurig and Tassimo formats so you can enjoy it in your own home.  Available in most Canadian grocery stores.
  2. Kiss Organics Organic Matcha Powder - this culinary grade matcha powder is perfect for making your own green tea lattes, smoothies or even incorporating into your cooking and baking.  The green tea lover on your list will be delighted!
  3. Adagio Teas 20 ounce Meguro Cast Iron Teapot - a splurge for the true tea aficionado, this beautiful teapot will retain heat for a long time and comes with a stainless steel tea strainer.
  4. Republic of Tea Strawberry Chocolate tea - one of our all time favourite teas, this rooibos tea almost makes it ok to miss dessert! It's just one of the many delightful flavours made by Republic of Tea.
  5. Selfie Mug - perfect for the coffee or tea drinking selfie taker on your list.  Fill it with a bag of coffee beans or some premium loose tea and you've got a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift
The FBC Holiday Gift Guide

It's the food blogger in us but, when we see items for our kitchens we can't help but think whether or not they'd make a good food photography prop.  Here are some beautiful, useful items that would love great in any food photo!

  1. Balsam Wood Serving Dishes - a beautiful set of three serving dishes that will look good on any table
  2. Now Designs Flour Sack Tea Towels - great all purpose towels for the kitchen
  3. Keep On Canning Linen Tea Towel - for the canner and preserver in your life
  4. Burlap Table Runner - the perfect backdrop for a rustic photoshoot - or party!
  5. Wooden Cutting Boards - these uniquely designed cutting boards will do double duty for charcuterie or cheese boards at your next party
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The FBC Holiday Gift Guide


For the gadget lover on your list we have these great gift ideas from

  1. Shun classic santoku knife - WebID: 01298046 - Recommended by Top Chef Canada Winner, Rene Rodriguez , it is an all-purpose knife that works well with veggies and poultry for all your holiday cooking needs
  2. iDevices kitchen thermometer - WebID: 10300431 - Monitor the temperature of your food when cooking with this iDevice kitchen thermometer, it can monitor two temperatures at once and send an alert to your smart phone when you food is cooked!
  3. Brabantia digital scale - Web ID:10294316 - The perfect accessory to cooking great food: this Brabantia digital scale offers accurate measurements down to the gram, and features an easy-to-use timer to ensure everything comes out perfectly cooked.
  4. De Buyer le tube pastry syringe - WebID: 10231579  - Perfect for effortless dosing of cake dough, creams, mousses and more. The Debuyer pressure pastry syringe is every ambitious cook's dream tool.
  5. The Beer Machine 10L brewing machine - WebID: 10224105 - Perfect for the gastro geek! Allow your foodie friend to make their own perfect beer pairing to any dish they desire
The FBC Holiday Gift Guide

And to keep any party moving, it's all about the beverages

  1. Luigi Bormioli Allegro Martini Glasses - this set of 4 martini glasses will add an air of elegance to any gathering
  2. Martini Picks - hold those olives together nicely with these cute sets of martini picks
  3. Bambu Coasters with Tree Motif - stylish coasters to protect your tabletops - and use in photos!
  4. Drinkmaster Stemless Wine Glasses
  5. True Fabrication 4 Bottle Ice Bucket - perfect for chilling wine, champagne, lemonade indoors or on a picnic.


The FBC Holiday Gift Guide


The Pantelligent Pan is a remarkable new pan that actually helps you cook! Pantelligent has a temperature sensor inside it that communicates with the Pantelligent smartphone app. Together, the pan and the app guide you to cook everything perfectly, just the way a professional chef (or your mom!) would cook it. No more overcooked, undercooked, or burned food. You’ll know exactly when the pan is at the right temperature, when it's time to flip or stir, and when your food is perfectly done.  You can support their great kickstarted campaign and get yourself your very own Pantelligent pan.

The FBC Holiday Gift Guide

And why not end off with a treat for yourself after all that shopping.  Visit your nearest Starbucks to try their new Chestnut Praline Latte.

The Nespresso Contest is only open to residents of Canada.

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The one gift I wish I could give this year…….would be that my husband relaxes and enjoys his limited time off.
He drives in ‘traffic’ nonsense to TO every day.



I would love to give everyone the gift of family but if we’re talking material then Vitamix’s for everyone!! 🙂


My sister would love to find those cutting boards under her Christmas tree. She and her husband entertain often and would put them to good use.


I wish I could give my sister a new house and some stability as it would change her life


I wish I could give my friend, who recently moved to Vancouver, a car so it would it be easier for her to commute from where she is staying all the way to where she is working (on opposite ends!)


I used the Nespresso while in Portugal and Italy – Even went to their branded boutique shops in Lisbon. Delicious selection.

Arjun Rudra

More time, but since that’s not possible, wish i could pay off my parents mortgage.

Britt @ My Daily Randomness

What a superb roundup! Here’s where I get all sappy, but hey, you asked… my cousin passed away in April and this will be my Aunt and Uncle’s first Christmas without her… I wish I could give them the gift of happiness. I know this Christmas will be hard for them, and I want nothing more for them to feel happy again. I know she would want that for them.

Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Nicole JubleeW

I wish I could give my little sister a hug. We live an ocean apart so I’ll have to save my “gift” until I see her next fall!


The starbucks card for my niece – she is in love with the vanlla frappachino with raspberry syrup as she says it tastes like cotton candy

Michelle Policelli

a KitchenAid Mixer to my mom 🙂 she loves baking and this would help her out alot!

Mang Luk

I am going to get a box of chocolate strawberries for my friends’ kids who just arrived in Canada and are going to have their first Christmas here!

NJ @littleluckeh

I would be gifting my husband a laptop because I am always on his doing “contest” if I could.


I’d love to give my hubby his own car so he doesn’t have to drive me around everywhere (and I wouldn’t need to score rides from everyone else)

Lori R

I really wanted to give my husband a DSLR camera for Christmas, but have been off work since May following surgery. Hopefully, next year!

Colleen (@905Foodie)

This is truthful and a little too deep, but there is someone I would love to give the gift of perfect health to this holiday season. But, alas, I cannot.

On a more material side, I wish I could give my husband a vacation somewhere hot in the New Years – that would be the best gift for him. He would love it.


I know few struggling families and I wish I could give them the gift of being debt free and having financial freedom

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