This is the kick off  to our annual January Blog Challenge: 31 Days To Clean Up Your Blog. What better time than January to sit down and review your blog? Over the 31 days we'll be sharing 31 tips, ideas, and strategies for you to deal with all those pesky maintenance tasks, take steps to grow in the new year and make blogging easier. This is Day 17.

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 17: Be Social On Social Media

Today's task is a very easy one  and it's best to go into it with zero expectations - you never know where it might lead and if it doesn't lead anywhere, then so be it!

Do you remember the good old Twitter days? It wasn't just people dropping a link to their content and running - people had actual conversations. You could have a conversation with someone and it was simply because they said something interesting and you replied with something interesting and it went from there -  and there was no other motive.

For the last few days, we've encouraged you to reach out to a number of people, first, it was an established blogger, someone you really respect and admire. Then, in a "Pay It Forward" manner, we suggested you reach out to someone starting out in the blogging world and make them feel part of the community. These are all great ways to build, strengthen and grow your blogging network.

But as we reminded ourselves yesterday, there are so many other worlds out there that have nothing to do with food or food blogging! So today, let's go back to a simpler time and just say hi to someone on social media - be it Instagram, Twitter, a YouTube video or a Facebook page - for no other reason than you like what they just posted and you're intrigued enough to strike up a conversation about it without expecting anything in return. Not a follow or a like or even a response.

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Things evolve and that's alright. Instagram might be your platfrom of choice today or maybe it's YouTube (although Twitter is having a bit of a renaissance moment for interesting conversations).

Whichever platform you choose, it's always good to remind ourselves that these platforms are "social" and it really doesn't take a lot to be social, but it does involve some time and effort!  And you never really know what might come from being the one to say "hi" first!

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Joanne T Ferguson

G’day! Another great tip, true!
One I have been doing since I started blogging and will look forward to the next hint and tip is too! Always love Paying It Forward! Hope today is a good day for you!
Cheers! Joanne

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