This is the kick off  to our annual January Blog Challenge: 31 Days To Clean Up Your Blog. What better time than January to sit down and review your blog? Over the 31 days we'll be sharing 31 tips, ideas, and strategies for you to deal with all those pesky maintenance tasks, take steps to grow in the new year and make blogging easier. This is Day 9.

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 9: Brainstorm 5 New Post Ideas

Brainstorming Post Ideas

Yesterday we discussed goal setting and planning your editorial calendar for the next 1-3 months.  So with both those things in mind, today we're asking you to brainstorm 5 new quality post ideas.  We want you to think outside the box and keeping them aligned with your blogging goals for the year.

Here's some tips to get started:

  1. to come up with five solid posts you may need to brainstorm 30 post ideas
  2. set aside 30 minutes with a cup of coffee or tea and physically write down anything that comes to mind. Need help? Try these 16 Writing Prompts For Food Bloggers
  3. use a pen and paper instead of your computer - the physical act of writing tends to trigger new thoughts.  It doesn't need to be an ordered list - just get the ideas out as they come - scribble them all over the page if you have to
  4. focus on your goals - do you want to work with brands? do you want to explore a new niche?  do you want to focus on tutorials? do you want to do video?  do you want to increase how often you post? do you want to create a series of posts?  do you want to increase your creativity?  do you want to cover more events?  Use your goals as a jumping off point to coming up with ideas.
  5. think of the questions your readers ask you the most - and create posts to answer them!  If everyone asks you what your top 5 budget places to eat are, write a post about it!
  6. think about questions you have and look for the answers.  Always wondered what variety of apples makes the best pie? Turn that into a post.
  7. sometimes, the tighter you narrow your focus, the easier it is to come up with ideas so focusing on 2 or 3 goals can really help
  8. feel free to bounce your ideas off of people you trust and see what they come up with or suggest or how they react
  9. once you've got all your ideas out, start going through them and evaluating them - use your goals for the year as a measuring stick - if an idea doesn't fit with your goals, set it aside
  10. when you narrow it down further, start looking at the ones you can flesh out and add some additional points to them.
  11. don't toss out the other ideas - put them in a file on your computer.  You never know when you might be able to make them work.
  12. if you already have a file of post ideas that you haven't revisited in a while, go take a look and see if there's anything that works with what you want to do now.
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These are just a few tips to get you started.  And who knows?  Maybe instead of 5 great post ideas, you'll come up with 10!  Now figure out where to put them in that editorial calendar of yours.

This is a great process to go through every few months.  It's always a great idea to have some solid post ideas in the bank!

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Janice (@KtchnHealsSoul)

My problem is I have so many things I want to do, it’s overwhelming! Sure, I’d like to work with brands, and make videos (I’m trying), and I’d love to post more often, but then I realize I can’t always post recipes because that’s just too much developing work (and let’s be honest, it’s too much food!), so then I try to think of other topics that are interesting, but whenever I deviate a little from the recipes, unfortunately the posts go nowhere fast. So, I guess that means I haven’t found the right topics to cover (other than recipes), and then I’m back to the drawing board…. sigh.

Joanne T Ferguson

G’day and interesting post today, true!
I don’t know if I am one of the lucky ones, but I never run out of ideas to do, pace myself and set future goals and suggestions for myself based on readers feedback and what I want to share too!
Cheers! Joanne

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