Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. When we asked our bloggers to share their best potato recipes we were overwhelmed by the response!  So many amazing potato dishes came our way.  It was so hard to pick just 20 to be featured that we decided to include them all and create the FBC Ultimate Potato Recipe Collection!

The FBC Ultimate Potato Recipe Collection

Potatoes sometimes get a bad rap for being boring, too simple or too "carb-y".  But the truth is, they're low calories, full of potassium and vitamin C (yes!) and B vitamins and, if you leave the skins on, they're high in fibre.  And they're a black canvas when cooking - you can jazz them up in so many ways.

In fact, we have over 70 ways you can make the most of the simple potato from classic mashed potatoes (check out Simple Bites article on the secrets to the best mashed potatoes) to more adventurous fare from India, Greece, Italy and Sweden!

The Ultimate Collection of Potato Recipes

By Food Bloggers of Canada

  • French Onion Soup With Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    A twist on classic: **[French Onion Soup with Potatoes](http://thecookiewriter.com/french-onion-soup-with-potatoes/)**.  From **The Cookie Writer**.

  • Leek, Potato and Fennel Soup

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Using purple potatoes makes this **[Leek, Potato and Fennel Soup](http://bethdunham.ca/updatesnews/2015/5/7/leek-potato-fennel-soup)** a beautiful start to your dinner.  From **Beth Dunham**

  • Potato Gnocchi With Tomato Basil Sauce

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Classic Italian take on potatoes - **[potato gnocchi with tomato basil sauce](http://marisasitaliankitchen.com/potato-gnocchi-with-tomato-basil-sauce/)**.  From **Marisa's Italian Kitchen.**

  • Mashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese and Sage

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    The classic comfort food but with an extra punch of flavour, these **[Mashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese and Sage](http://sprinklesandsauce.com/mashed-potatoes-goat-cheese-sage/)** will be a winner.  From **Sprinkles and Sauce**.

  • Goat Cheese and Pumpkin Scalloped Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Scalloped potatoes are a great canvas to experiment with.  Try this **[Goat Cheese and Pumpkin Scalloped Potatoes](http://cocoabeanthevegetable.com/goat-cheese-and-pumpkin-scalloped-potatoes/)** version.  From **Cocoa Bean the Vegetable**.

  • Potato and Spinach Gratin

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Take potatoes and add milk or cream and cheese and you have a delicious gratin like this **[Potato and Spinach Gratin](http://www.juliascuisine.com/home/potato-spinach-gratin)**.  From **Julia's Cuisine**.

  • Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Roasted potatoes don't have to be just for a Sunday roast.  Try mixing it up on a weeknight with **[Parmesan Roasted Potatoes](http://365daysofeasyrecipes.com/2016/06/01/114-parmesan-roasted-potatoes/)**.  From **365 Days of Easy Recipes**.

  • Roasted Spiralized Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    What do you do with all those "end caps" from spiralizing potatoes.  Why not roast them? These **[Roasted Spiralized Potatoes](http://www.isugarcoatit.com/2015/10/roasted-spiralized-potatoes.html/)** look like mushroom caps! From **I Sugar Coat It**.

  • Mushroom Sauce and Kale Knödel

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Knödel is a German potato dumpling that works well with Russet Potatoes.  This **[Mushroom Sauce and Kale Knödel](https://thefoodolic.com/2016/09/18/mushroom-sauce-and-kale-knodel/)** is from **The Foodolic**.

  • Plant Based Poutine

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    You can't have a roundup of potato recipes in Canada without Poutine.  This **[plant based poutine](http://kokoskitchen.com/holidays/plant-based-poutine/)** uses miso gravy.  From **Koko's Kitchen**.

  • Egg, Potato and Sausage Breakfast Casserole

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Start your morning with potatoes in this **[Egg, Potato and Sausage Breakfast Casserole](http://leelalicious.com/breakfast-casserole-with-eggs-potatoes-and-sausage/)**.  From **Leelalicious**.

  • Duchess Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    **[Duchess Potatoes](http://www.theendlessmeal.com/duchess-potatoes/)** may be the fanciest potatoes out there and they'll be sure to impress guests! From **The Endless Meal**

  • Tapioca Pearls and Potato Cakes with Tomato Chutney

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Known as Sabudana Vada, these **[Tapioca Pearl Potato Cakes with Tomato Chutney](https://veggiezest.com/2013/09/10/tapioca-pearls-potato-cakes-with-tomato-chutney/)** are a common Indian street food.  From **Veggie Zest**.

  • Bacon Ranch Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    An ultimate week night comfort food dinner: **[Bacon Ranch Potatoes](http://www.simplystacie.net/2016/07/bacon-ranch-potatoes/)**.  From **Simply Stacie**

  • Everything Mashed Potato Flatbread

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Flatbread that's gluten-free! **[The Everything Mashed Potato Flatbread](http://www.officiallyglutenfree.com/2016/04/everything-mashed-potato-flatbread/)**.  From **Officially Gluten Free.**

  • Super Stuffed Cheesy Bacony Twice Baked Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    This one uses ALL the fixings you'll be stuffed with these **[Super Stuffed Cheesy Bacony Twice Baked Potatoes](http://sheeats.ca/2015/11/super-stuffed-cheesy-bacony-twice-baked-potatoes/)**.  From **She Eats**

  • Swedish Potato Salad

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    A Swedish take on a potluck fave - **[Swedish Potato Salad](http://www.thenomadicwife.com/blog/swedish-potato-salad)**.  From **The Nomadic Wife**.

  • Dilly Smashed Baby Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Smashing potatoes can be very satisfying - and tasty when they're **[Dilly Smashed Baby Potatoes](http://avirtualvegan.com/smashed-baby-potatoes/)**.  From **A Virtual Vegan**.

  • Thyme Garlic Hasselback Potatoes

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Hasselback potatoes are another way to make potatoes look fancy and experiment with seasonings, like **[Thyme Garlic Hasselback Potatoes](http://ohsweetday.com/2011/07/thyme-garlic-hasselback-potato.html)**.  From **Oh Sweet Day**.

  • Savoury Potato Kale Waffles

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Who says waffles have to be sweet? Make these **[Savoury Potato Kale Waffles](http://fivefocus.ca/savoury-potato-kale-waffles/)** for breakfast OR dinner! From **Five Focus**

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The FBC Ultimate Potato Recipe Collection

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