The FBC Weekly News for November 24th
Carrot Garlic Soup from The Loving Forkful as seen in our FBC Flickr Food Photography Group

A quick version of the news this week as FBC gets ready to do an east coast swing.  We'll be hanging out in Toronto and Montreal the next two weeks and we're pretty excited.  But... that doesn't mean things will be quiet here!  We have loads of stuff coming your way this week

Tomorrow we'll have a brand new Kitchen Geekery post full of tips for prepping your cake pans (just in time for Christmas baking!).

Wednesday we'll have tips on how to manage your blog during the holidays.

Thursday we'll have our Holiday Cookbook Gift Guide with some great books for you to win!

Friday we'll have our Food Lovers Holiday Gift Guide - with more great stuff to win, and, of course,  a new Featured FBC Member

And Saturday will be our new weekend linkup column full of great posts from fellow FBC Members, blogging tips from around the web, great instagram accounts to check out and more!

And speaking of Instagram, keep an eye out on Sunday for our December Instagram Photo A Day Challenge.  It'll be full of fun, holiday themed photo prompts for you to play along with your fellow FBC members - and it's a great chance to get to meet some new IGers.  If you haven't already dropped your name off on our Instagram thread in our Facebook links/giveaways forum page, you'll want to do that before the end of the week!

We hope to see lots of you at the Toronto FBC Meetup on Friday - 6:30 at the Christmas Tree at the opening of the Christmas Market in the Distillery District!

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New Members

We are always thrilled to welcome new Canadian food bloggers to our community.  So a big welcome to all of you who came on board over the last two weeks - you all pushed us over the 1600 member mark!


And remember, if you have anything you’d like to share with your fellow members in the news, please let us know about it.  To have your submission appear in a Monday news post, the deadline is Friday at 5pm Pacific time.  You can send your 3-4 sentence submissions directly to Melissa and include any relevant links.

As always, Ethan & Melissa

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Jeanne Misner

Hey guys, don’t forget the east coast of Canada is not Ontario and Quebec. I live in Halifax and the Atlantic provinces are truly on the east coast. We think of Ontario and Quebec as being central Canada.

Melissa (FBC Admin)

Ah sorry Jeanne – you are absolutely right! Living in Vancouver, we sympathize. When people say out west they always mean Alberta, like BC isn’t on the map! And we are equally guilty – Toronto and Montreal are always referred to by us as “back east” and Saskatchewan and Manitoba are “the middle”. It’s hard to grasp how big this country is sometimes! We do hope to do a truly East Coast trip soon!

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