FBC 2014 Vancouver

A great conference needs lots of things - chief among them, great sessions!  We've strived to provide something for everyone, from novice blogger to seasoned pro with engaging speakers to pull you in and keep you engrossed.

Building on feedback from FBC2013, this year's sessions will be fewer but longer - with lots of time for Q&A!

A detailed schedule by day will be released closer to the conference.

Sessions and Panels

The Importance of the Versatile Blogger - Shauna Ahern, Corwin Hiebert and Julie van Rosendaal

Being a food blogger means you're your own Editor In Chief, CFO, Art Director, kitchen clean up crew and intern all at once.  This panel will cover the importance of being able to be a jack or jill of all trades as a blogger but also help you determine when to look for outside help.

Go Your Own Way - Finding Your Blog's Niche  - Aimee Wimbush-Bourque, Laura-Jane Koers & Melissa Hartfiel

Distinguishing yourself from the crowd can help you gain focus, get noticed, and build community. This panel will cover how "niche" does not have to mean "small".  We'll show you how to narrow and keep your focus, how to use your niche as a selling point to brands and editors and help you grow your blog's community and income.

The Ethics of Blogging - Dianne Jacob

In the blogging world there may not be rules but that doesn't mean there's not a right and a wrong way to do things.  Dianne Jacob is never one to shy away from the hard topics and she'll be looking at a number of ethical questions that continue to plague both new and seasoned bloggers alike.

Making Cents of Your Content (and by cents, we mean $$) - Duncan Clark & TBA

You've done the cooking, shooting, eating, writing and the posting - now what?  Understanding how you, as the content manager of your blog, can add REAL value to the people who care about your site can be easy if you take the right approach. Our digital content panel will cover off specific approaches to making sense of your stats and turning that data into valuable information that you can take to brand partners.  Make informed decisions about your blog's focus and what's working and not working.

Two Sides to Every Story - the Journey From Blog to Book - Robert McCullough  & Tara O'Brady

Every blog to book has its own unique story. Tara and Robert will share how they came to work together but will also give you some tips and advice to follow when trying to make the leap from writing a blog to writing a book.

The Business of Food Photography - Matt Armendariz  & Adam Pearson

Having shot multiple cookbooks and worked with numerous major brands, Matt & Adam are here to show you that the business of food photography is so much more than taking a food photo.  They'll discuss some of the biggest hurdles and challenges they've encountered along the path to running a successful food photography business.

The Art of the Story - Julie van Rosendaal & Ashley Rodriguez

Incorporating story into your writing can draw readers in and keep them engaged.  But how much do you share, how do you find inspiration and how do you incorporate stories when writing for different mediums (ie. blogs, magazines, books)?  Ashley and Julie will share how they weave stories into their work and make readers feel like they're sitting at their kitchen table.

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