About Food Bloggers of Canada (FBC)

FBC was founded in 2011 as a way for Canadian food bloggers to connect, network, and find resources to expand their blogging knowledge.  At FBC, we continue to build a community for food bloggers of all kinds to come together to learn, share and get to know one another.

The organization was founded by friends and fellow food bloggers Melissa Hartfiel, Ethan Adeland, and Mardi Michels. With their backgrounds in food, marketing, event management, teaching, writing, photography and design, they knew they had a unique opportunity to bring together the many talented food bloggers across Canada.

In November of 2021, FBC was transitioned over to a new owner, Lily Ernst, a long-time FBC member and full-time blogger at LittleSweetBaker.com.

The Goals of FBC

At FBC, our goal is to promote and foster the Canadian food blogging niche to the rest of the country and the world.  We are an inclusive organization that recognizes the tremendous diversity in Canada and how that is reflected in Canadian food.

At FBC, our aim is to provide bloggers…

  • Practical resources to improve all aspects of their blog
  • Opportunities to showcase their work to the rest of Canada
  • The opportunity to meet and network online and off-line with other Canadian food bloggers
  • Opportunities to write for FBC about Canadian food content that may not fit on their blog
  • Opportunities to work with brands that understand & value blogger influence

We also showcase the uniqueness and diversity of Canada's tremendous food scene with our Canadian Tastemakers series that profiles chefs, growers, restaurateurs, food artisans, food writers and more. We review Canadian cookbooks, showcase Canadian wine, beer and cheese, provide fun Canadian city dining guides and publish our Iconic Canadian Foods series.  And of course, we create and share original Canadian recipes!

What an FBC Member Can Expect

  • Blogging resources on a wide range of topics including writing, recipe development, food photography, social media, blog monetization, technology platforms and much more
  • Opportunities to work with national, local and international brands on their blog.
  • Access to freelance writing, photography and recipe development opportunities
  • Opportunities to be a content contributor to the FBC site
  • The opportunity to become a featured FBC Member
  • Multiple avenues to connect and network with over 2,400 other Canadian food bloggers!

Food Bloggers of Canada Conference

In 2013, we hosted Canada’s first national food blogging conference, better known as FBC2013, at Hockley Valley Resort in Southern Ontario.  It was a sell out!  Since then we have hosted four more 3 day sellout events for 150 people each: FBC2014 in Vancouver, FBC2015 in Montreal, FBC2016 in Toronto and FBC2017 in Ottawa!

In 2018, we changed things up with a month long cross-country Canadian road trip! During the month of September our crew of 4 drove from Vancouver to Halifax accompanied by photographer, chef, and cookbook author Dennis The Prescott.  We hosted 3 food photography workshops, three one day mini conferences, 2 long table dinners and one weekend long retreat as well as visiting Canadian farms, food artisans and talented Canadian chefs along the way!

We're taking 2019 off from hosting any large scale events but we will be running smaller half day blogging workshops throughout the year.

Get In Touch

If you're interested in how we can work together, please visit our Work With Us page.  If you simply have a general inquiry, you can reach out via our Contact page.

And we're always around on social media. Come say hi! We're quite friendly and polite (we are Canadian after all!)

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