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The FBC 2021 Food Blog Planner

We're so excited to bring you the  FBC 2021 Food Blog Planner! It’s been designed to help you stay on track, stay productive and grow as a blogger and has everything you need to plan great content, get consistent, track your goals and more.

Whether you're a recipe blogger, a restaurant reviewer or if culinary travel is your niche, this planner will work for you!

Flexible Design

The planner has been designed to be as flexible as possible with undated weekly and daily planning sheets. The revenue and goal tracking worksheets allow you can choose your start month or starting quarter.

Minimalist Design

This blog planner is designed to be downloaded and printed on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. We've kept the design very minimal and the entire planner has been created in black and white so that it's economical to print. It also makes it easy for you to decorate with your own special touches (if you love stickers and washi tape, have at it and get as creative and colourful as you like!)

All but two of the spreads have been designed in landscape format to allow for maximum use of space particularly for the National Food Day section! Wide top margins on the landscape formatted pages and wide left hand margins on the portrait formatted pages will make it easy for you to hole punch and store it in a binder.

You can print just the pages you need and print multiples of the pages you use the most like the recipe development, photoshoot and blog post worksheet layouts!

In short, you can make it your own!

Introducing the Productivity Bundle!

You can save even more with the FBC 2021 Productivity Bundle! Get the FBC 2021 Food Blog Planner bundled with our FBC Email Templates for Food BloggersThat's a $47 value for just $39.99!

What's Included In The Planner

Our 2021 food blogging planner is over 45 pages of useful worksheets and information including:

  • a user's guide to help you make the most of your planner
  • 12 monthly, dated spreads for 2021 that include most North American statutory holidays, religious and cultural days
  • undated 7 day weekly planning sheet
  • undated daily planning sheet
  • goal planning worksheet
  • blog post planning worksheet
  • recipe development worksheet
  • PR event/restaurant review workseet
  • food photoshoot planning worksheet
  • quarterly goal tracking worksheet
  • revenue stream planning worksheet
  • monthly revenue stream tracker
  • 12 month national and international food day directory with over 70 new food days for 2021

You get all of this for just $16.99 Canadian (including tax!)


Start When The Time Is Right For You!

Start Whenever You're Ready

The planner has a flexible design that you can use to start planning whenever it works for you.  Perhaps you weren't ready to start editorial planning in January or maybe you only started your blog in May!

Whenever you think it's the right time to start, the planner will be waiting for you!


If you are unhappy with your planner in any way you have 7 days after purchase to let us know and we'll refund your money.

All sales and product downloads are handled via Gumroad so we won't be collecting any of your financial information.  Please note that while the planner is priced in Canadian dollars Gumroad charges US funds based on the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

Please note - this is a digital product. You will receive a PDF download that you can print at home.  The PDF file is not designed for you to use electronically. You do not need to print the entire file - just print the pages you need. You can print certain pages as often as you like (like the weekly planner sheet and daily planner sheet) and others you may not wish to print at all.

Planner Features in Depth

12 Monthly Calendar Spreads Include:

  • Canadian and US Statutory holidays
  • major religious and cultural days
  • other notable dates that are important to foodies (ie Super Bowl, Grey Cup etc)
  • seasonal planning tips for each month to help you brainstorm new content and repurpose old content on social media

Undated Weekly and Daily Planning Worksheets

  • flexible undated worksheets to help you plan your week and day
  • daily sheets are broken out by hour during the work day so you can track appointments, phone calls or block out your time
  • daily worksheets also include a To Do List and room for Recurring Blog Tasks

National Food Day Directory

  • includes 100s of recognized North American and international food days
  • over 100 new days have been added since our 2019 planner!
  • space to make notes for each month

Blog Post Planning Worksheet

  • redesigned to work for food bloggers in all niches
  • contains space for post title, SEO title, categories and tags
  • more space was added this year for key word planning based on user feedback
  • space to note potential brands to pitch as post partners
  • expense tracker for your post (handy if you ever go through an audit)
  • section to note existing content to internally link to
  • additional space to note additional talking points or evergreen features

Recipe Development Worksheet

  • moved out of the blog planning worksheet this year based on user feedback
  • space to list ingredients and note possible affiliate links
  • large space for method and testing notes

PR Event/Restaurant Review Worksheet

  • moved out of the blog planning worksheet this year based on user feedback
  • menu items section to note the dishes you wish to try or did try
  • review notes section
  • space to note blog or social post talking points

Food Photoshoot Planning Worksheet

  • notes for the post title and overall theme of the shoot
  • space to sketch out both horizontal and portrait photos
  • a section to note food props to be used or sourced
  • food styling notes section to note theme, mood, story etc

Also Includes

  • 12 Month Goal Planner to help you achieve your Top 3 goals for the year
  • Goal Tracking worksheet to help you track major food blogging metrics like overall revenue, traffic, newsletter signups and revenue diversification goals
  • New Revenue Stream worksheet to help you plan and execute new revenue generating ideas
  • Monthly Revenue Stream Tracker with room to customize based on your business
  • Revenue Diversification Tracker to hit your revenue diversification goals - don't just rely on ad revenue!

About FBC

FBC is home to some of Canada’s most talented food writers, recipe developers, food photographers, chefs, restaurant reviewers, on air and YouTube personalities and social food influencers.

Our goal is simple: to showcase the very best in Canadian food from coast to coast to coast from the most engaged and passionate food and food content creators in the country.

So if you love recipes, restaurants, Canadian wine and craft beer, iconic Canadian dishes, learning where your food comes from and about the people who produce it, and the vast geographic mosaic that this country is and the food that brings us all together, this is the place for you to be. Welcome, eh?

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