Food Bloggers of Canada is both pleased and proud to partner with Taste Canada—The Food Writing Awards, Canada's highest honour for culinary writing, in conjunction with the introduction of the first annual Best Food Blog Post award.   This year Taste Canada is celebrating 18 years as the only awards in Canada that recognize the country’s outstanding culinary writers.

Taste Canada and FBC

As they state on their website,

More than just the ingredients we consume, food is a symbol of our shared culture, varied traditions, unique history and heritage. Food is at the heart of the Canadian identity. It is ingrained in our culture, from coast to coast. Taste Canada nurtures an industry inspired by our vibrant culture, celebrates our stories, embraces our collective history and explores our family legacies through food.

We here at FBC, could not agree more.  Writing is at the core of what food bloggers do - it is a way to preserve and pass on family traditions for a new generation, share stories of how cooking and eating brings people together, showcase the work Canada's producers, chefs and restaurants do every day, and explore other cultures - either through culinary travel or vicariously through recipes and cookbooks.

As food bloggers, we have the unprecedented ability to share our stories, Canada's stories, with the not just our fellow Canadians, but the world.  It's very exciting to see this relatively new form of writing recognized alongside more traditional formats like cookbooks, memoirs, biographies and social works.

Taste Canada Best Food Blog Post Award
Just a few of the Canadian blogs submitted for the Taste Canada Best Food Blog Post award

The Taste Canada Awards are presented in Toronto each year at the Gala Fundraiser and Reception, which is in itself a unique gastronomic delight. Previous winners have included such notable figures as Kate Aitken, Michael Smith, Laura Olson, Michael Bonacini, Laura Calder, Ricardo, Elizabeth Baird, Anita Stewart, Rose Murray, Normand Laprise, and Martin Picard, to name a few.

This year’s awards, hosted once again by celebrity Chef and TV personality; Ricardo, to be held at the Arcadian Court in Toronto on September 21, will honour eight jury-selected books and two blog posts in English and French, authored by Canadian citizens living in Canada. Three-person jury panels drawn from Canadian academic, publishing, creative and institutional fields will review submissions in the categories, both English and French. In addition, one Person of Influence Award will be announced.

The short list of nominees will be announced on July 7th, 2015.  The tickets for the Gala Fundrasier and Awards Reception will also go on sale on July 7th.

You can see the full list of submissions for all awards here.

Stay tuned for more updates as the awards ceremony approaches!



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