Interested in becoming a YouTube food video star but don’t know where to begin? Seasoned YouTube videographer Eve Martel shares her ideas for great fall video content for your YouTube video channel. Now's the time to prepare to catch your subscribers' attention during the fall harvest and back-to-school season!

5 Fall Food Videos To Film For Your Blog or YouTube Channel | Food Bloggers of Canada

Summer might not quite be over, but a good video creator is always looking ahead. This is why you need to get cracking on fall video ideas right now, even if you’re still enjoying the last days of pools and picnics. So get your content planning hat on and pick a few videos you should film and publish in the upcoming weeks.

Remember to optimize keywords in the title, the description and the tags of each published video to make sure YouTube understands what the content is about and suggests it to more and more potential subscribers.

5 Fall Videos You Should Film Right Now

Here are five suggestions for fall content, followed by inspiring video examples.

1. Orchard Season Videos

Come apple-picking season, there’s nothing like a nice walk in an orchard to get your creative juices flowing! Pick a local orchard and go film a vlog to share your experience. You could share a video that explains how to plan a visit to your area’s top picking spots, talk about the wide variety of apples available in Canada and how to use them, and what to bake with your bounty.

Lists are always very popular, so why not make a video that tells your subscribers about the top ten recipes one should make with apples, squash or any "pick it yourself" fruits and vegetables? Get picking and get filming!

3 Apple Recipes in Season by The Domestic Geek

5 Delicious Apple Hacks by The King of Random

Aux Pommes Avec Alex et PL by Eve Martel

2. Pantry and Fridge Organization Videos

Even if you aren’t into minimalism (a hot trend that continues), getting organized is always a popular topic. Show your subscribers how you organize your pantry for the fall and winter seasons. Give organizing tips, talk about containers and labeling, and explain how to make room for fresh food by doing a step-by-step pantry clear out.

This subject would make a great can't-miss weekly video, or could even be turned into a 3- to 5-video series, marketed as an event on your social media platforms. You could even create your own hashtag and invite subscribers to share their before and after results on Instagram.

How To Organize a Messy Kitchen Pantry by Baby Gizmo

Fridge Organization — How To Clean & Organize the Refrigerator by VasseurBeauty

3. Preserving Season Videos

Saving fall’s bounty will be on everyone’s mind as summer comes to a close. You could film canning videos, create content about preparing food for the freezer, or share recipes that use seasonal fruits and vegetables. Ask your readers and subscribers what they’re planning on preserving and adjust your content calendar accordingly.

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Try to include a wide variety of ideas like zesty kimchi, flavorful Indian pickles like raw mango or cauliflower, and forgotten old family recipes. You could even invite grandma over and make it a multigenerational cooking session.

Prepare My Grandma's Organic Raw Mango Pickle Recipe by Fish Hunting Fishing

How To Freeze Fresh Peaches by Better Homes and Gardens

4. Lunch Prep Videos

The kids are back in school, university students are trying to balance studies and eating right on a budget, and everyone is looking for fresh ideas for their packed lunches. Suggest original new recipes to shake up the lunch hour. Include gluten-free, allergen-free and vegetarian options to attract a wider range of subscribers.

If you’re not into creating individual recipes, you could film a grocery haul, showcase cool lunch boxes, or even suggest alternatives to waste less food and use less packaging when making lunches for a family.

Vegan Lunch Box Ideas by Bonny Rebecca

Bentgo Lunch Box Review by Happy Mum Happy Child

5. Instant Pot and Slow Cooker Recipe Videos

One only has to look to Pinterest to realize that the Instant Pot is still THE hottest kitchen tool, but let’s not forget its older sister, the slow cooker. You could do a full review and explain the pros and cons of each machine.

Of course, recipes are a must! They could also be part of a menu planning video. Create make-ahead ideas, freezer kits and grocery lists, and suggest uses for seasonal ingredients. Think beyond the stew and explain how these machines are ideal to cook grains and make jam.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Barbecue Ribs by Flo Lum

3 Instant Pot Asian Curries for #BuzyBeez by Honeysuckle


5 Fall Videos to Film Right Now for Your YouTube Channel was written by Eve Martel. Eve has been a content creator and a blogger for the last 10 years. After 16 years spent working for top advertising agencies, she made the jump and left her job as Content Director at Sid Lee Montreal to dedicate herself to her blog, Tellement Swell, and to her two YouTube channels. Her latest project, Top Yummy, is a food channel that shares easy and delicious recipes that anyone can cook. She’s also a writer for Tourisme Montréal and Muramur. Find her on Instagram and Twitter @evemartel and follow the Instagram of her projects, @tellementswell and @topyummy.

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