Canada’s #1 almond beverage just got cooler!

*This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze

For those almond beverage lovers out there – and maybe those of you looking to try it for the first time - you will be happy to hear that Almond Breeze is now available in the fridge! Already available on the shelf at your local grocery store in a variety of flavours, Almond Breeze is getting cooler with Original and Vanilla offerings in the fridge (unsweetened versions available too!). Almonds contribute calcium to the diet and Almond Breeze is also a great milk alternative for people with health conditions including lactose intolerance, diabetes, heart disease, celiac disease and obesity.

Almond Breeze Family of Products

Almond Breeze almond beverage is a great ingredient for us foodies too. From apple pie pancakes to pina colada smoothies, almond berry bars to vegetables au gratin and almond coconut café lattes - the enormous range of options for delicious foods and drinks made with Almond Breeze makes the creamy, nutty liquid one of the most diverse ingredients in the kitchen.

Almond Breeze Recipes

Get inspired by the delicious taste of Almond Breeze, available on the shelf, and now in the fridge, and see how yummy culinary creations can be a breeze.


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Tami McVey

I would love to create with your product! I already have several ideas in mind, and I’m not much for desserts, so I can bring your product into daily meals!

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