Quick Peach Recipe Ideas | Food Bloggers of Canada

Today's post of ridiculously easy recipe ideas is brought to you by California Cling Peaches.

If you're Canadian then you know this time of year is rough.  Depending on where you are it's cold, it's rainy, it feels like the snow will never leave and the grey skies will hang over you forever.  Long gone are those cheery Christmas lights to brighten things up.  Now it's just bleak, miserable, winter.

Well today we're saying "enough" and we're showing you four super quick, super easy ways to add some bright, cheery sunshine to your day and your kitchen table - with canned peaches!

I've been a sucker for canned peaches ever since I was a little kid - they were plentiful in our house during winter and they were easily one of my favourite desserts with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I loved how the syrup froze to the ice cream!  As a grown up I add them into all kinds of things and it's an extra serving of fruits and veggies with just as many nutrition benefits of fresh peaches.

Here are four of my favourite ways to add a little colour and lots of flavour to my day with California cling peaches - and they're all ridiculously easy!


Quick Peach Recipe Ideas | Food Bloggers of Canada

Open a can and add some peaches to your morning cereal, granola, yogurt parfait, smoothie or top some pancakes or waffles.  Boom! You just took breakfast up 10 notches! And how can you not start your day with a smile when you have something bright and colourful like peaches and blueberries in your breakfast bowl!


Quick Peach Recipe Ideas | Food Bloggers of Canada

Sliced canned peaches in your salad? It's so simple and obvious that you'll be wondering why you haven't been doing this for years.They are a great compliment to your protein of choice - I used pulled pork in the above image. They also pair well with nuts and cheeses, especially goat cheeses and feta.  You can even experiment with making a dressing from the syrup - although my preferred combo is peaches with hummus instead of dressing.  Delicious!


Quick Peach Recipe Ideas | Food Bloggers of Canada

Make a decadent grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and have peaches as your surprise ingredient.  The sweet, slight tang of the peaches is the perfect compliment to that gooey cheese.  Pro Tip: pat the peach slices dry with some paper towel so they don't make the sandwich soggy.  And you might want to slice the peaches in half again so the slices aren't too thick.  This may just be my favourite grown up way to eat peaches!

Another great way to use them for dinner is in a compote or salsa to each with meat or in tacos!  I'm thinking of trying them as an add to chicken burgers as well.


Quick Peach Recipe Ideas | Food Bloggers of Canada

Dessert is easy.  You can have a healthy dessert that seems decadent or you can just go for straight on sinful.  Make a milkshake or super thick smoothie.  Just decide if you want ice cream or yogurt as your thickener of choice!  The above smoothie was made with frozen bananas, frozen mango, 1/2 cup of sliced peaches, chia seeds and half a cup of water, 1/4 cup of peach syrup and 1/4 cup of soy milk.

One of my other favourite desserts as a kid was homemade cake with no frosting but lots of peaches on top.  I liked it when the syrup oozed into the cake!

There's so many ways you can add canned peaches into your meals without getting complicated or even having to turn on a stove!  And we guarantee those little morsels of sunshine will brighten your day!

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All great ideas! Thanks for the reminder that something so simple can be so delicious. These ideas are definitely coming on the boat with us.

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