This is a sponsored post on behalf of Canadian Lentils.

Lentils are grown throughout the world and Canada happens to be one of its largest producers. The benefits to buying some of the best lentils in the world right here in Canada are numerous. Lentils are inexpensive, full of nutrients and they are a nitrogen fixing crop, meaning they give back to the environment by replacing nitrogen in the soil they are grown in.

With multiple benefits, Canadian Lentils is inviting you to take part in the Lentil Recipe Revelations Challenge. It runs from February 6 to March 19 and the challenge is to create a new and unique recipe featuring lentils. The choice is yours as to what lentil you decide to go with. Select from green, red, french green, or black lentils, either whole or split.

The grand prize winning recipe is a cash prize of $1000! But there are also four (4) $250 Amazon giftcards up for grabs in the following categories.
• Best in Appetizer
• Best in Salad
• Best in Main Dish
• Best in Desserts/Baked Goods
• Best in Freestyle (For the entries that just don’t seem to fit with the rest!)

To get the lentils rolling for the challenge, all you have to do is register by clicking on this link. For all other information, contact Rachel at

Good luck and have fun experimenting with lentils!

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