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At this time of the year, we delight in excess. Most of us are lucky enough that we don't lack for anything during the holidays. Most of us bake dozens upon dozens of cookies for gifts, swaps and general cookie enjoyment since it is the season!

And yet, not everyone has what we take for granted. But it's in our power to make this holiday season a bit more memorable for those who need it. Imagine if 10 of your cookies went to a women's shelter, a soup kitchen, the neighbor down the street who has had a rough couple of months or anyone else in your life that could use a boost?

The only thing better than one unexpected cookie are ten unexpected cookies!

Spreading a little #CookieLove during the holidays is so easy but can make such a difference!

1 person = 10 cookies

10 people = 100 cookies

100 people = 1,000 cookies

1,000 people = 10,000 cookies

That's a lot of #CookieLove!

This year, spread the cookie love however you see fit. Share your story and inspire others or keep it to yourself and be proud to know you've made someone's holiday that much sweeter. Cookies know no borders, so whether you're in Canada, United States, Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world, you can make this happen!

To get you started or to share a recipe, check out our Pin It Thursday Holiday Cookie post for lots of ideas.

This is just about helping and paying it forward. It's so simple and yet if we all join in, it could have such a positive impact!

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Go forth and give #cookielove!

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