As part of FBC’s 5th anniversary we’re sharing a special 24-day Holiday Countdown from December 1st to the 24th. We’re going back in time to reconnect with some very special FBC Members. These Canadian food bloggers were among the very first FBCers to be showcased in our Friday Featured Blogger series that still runs today (we’ve featured almost 250 bloggers in five years!).

Countdown to the Holidays with Nutmeg Disrupted | Food Bloggers of Canada

Where are they now? And how do they celebrate the holidays? Today we visit with Redawna Kalynchuk of Nutmeg Disrupted (you can read our original feature with Redawna here from December 7, 2012).

Countdown to the Holidays with Nutmeg Disrupted | Food Bloggers of Canada

Name: Redawna Kalynchuk

Blog Name: Nutmeg Disrupted

How has your blog evolved over the past five years?

I originally started Nutmeg Disrupted to share my gingerbread house builds with my fellow Taste of Home Field Editors (*editor's note - be sure to check out the custom FBC Gingerbread House and tutorial Redawna created for us!). It has grown into a collection of some of my favourite recipes. And through that journey I have found a passion for BBQ, become an entrepreneur in the food industry and have learned how to put myself out there doing things I had never imagined! I certainly never would have considered trying out for a television show before I was a blogger, now I think it was only just the beginning of something great! Some of my biggest personal growth moments came because I am a food blogger!

What’s your favourite holiday tradition?

My favourite holiday tradition always revolves around the food. The planning, the shopping, the preparation leading up to the day. There is something so complete in the anticipation of each dish being created to bring together an amazing meal. Food is my love language and there is no bigger food holiday than Christmas!

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Share a favourite holiday recipe with our readers

Countdown to the Holidays with Nutmeg Disrupted | Food Bloggers of Canada

There is nothing better than tender fresh perogies! They were one of the first Ukrainian dishes I taught myself when I was a young cook just starting my food journey. You can make many different variation of fillings from potato to cheese, meat and even fruit, like these Blueberry Perogies.

What are the must-have staples in your holiday pantry?

Fruits, cheeses, poppy seeds, honey, fresh herbs, vegetables and meats. I always make a stuffed turkey for Christmas with a large assortment of Ukrainian and traditional side dishes. And always homemade cranberry sauce.

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