December 2015 Instagram Photo A Day Challenge

Tis the season for pretty sights and sparkly lights!

To celebrate we're bringing back our December Photo A Day Instagram challenge.  It's beyond easy to take part.  You just follow the prompts in the graphic above, post your photo to Instagram each day, hashtag it appropriately and... check out the other photos in the challenge (just to make it more fun and to make new friends!).  We'll post the prompts to our Instagram account as well so you can easily find them!

Here Are The Rules

  • follow the daily prompts and post your photo each day
  • hashtag it #FBCPhotoADay
  • if you want us to potentially share your photo in our @FoodBloggersCA stream, also hashtag with #FBCigers
  • if you wanted an added challenge, try making the non-obvious food prompts food related! (but you don't have to)

That's it! Now get out there and get snapping and have fun with it!

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