At FBC, we have always tried to lead by example and use our platforms to share the good work being done by other food related organizations across Canada. Over the years, we've made donations to causes we feel strongly about while also helping to promote their work.

During that time, there has been one organization that has found a way into our hearts: Mealshare.


And so we're very excited and extremely proud to team up with Mealshare in an official partnership!

Like us, Mealshare is a national organization and their goal is to end youth hunger in our lifetime. They hope to do this by partnering with the best of the Canadian hospitality industry in order to make longterm impact, through food.

Mealshare has already donated over 1.2 million meals to youth in need through their charity partners and we're excited at the thought of helping them double, triple and quadruple that number!

Let’s tell you a bit (if you don’t already know) about them.

Who is Mealshare?

Co-founded by cousins, Andrew and Jeremy, Mealshare is a non-profit dedicated to ending youth hunger in Canada and around the world. For every Mealshare-branded menu items purchased from one of their restaurant partners, they provide one meal to a youth in need!

Half the meals provided through Mealshare stay within the community where the restaurant served the meal, and are distributed through local charity partners.

The other half go to provide meals to children in developing countries through Save the Children.

Mealshare only works with solution based charities - these are organizations who use food in strategic ways to either incentivize education or expose youth and their familie’s to programs that could change their lives. Mealshare is focused on making sure their meals are the catalyst for long-term change for youth and children.

The best part about Mealshare (aside from feeding kids) is that there is no extra fee or action required after you order and enjoy your meal. When you order a Mealshare-branded item on the menu, the restaurant makes the donation on your behalf and turns your dining out into helping out! Please click here to check out the Mealshare restaurant partners near you.

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As for the Mealshare restaurant partners, they're able to make a difference by simply integrating a great cause into their menu and Mealshare takes care of everything else! Check out how it all comes together.

Our Promise

FBC will be working with Mealshare on a number of fronts, but our core goal will be to share the amazing work they’re doing!

We will work with Mealshare and spread the good work they’re doing to our 2,300 FBC Members (Canadian food bloggers in Canada and abroad) and our audience of food-loving Canadians!

We will encourage our FBC members to take part in local Mealshare events happening in their communities as well as simply sharing the work they’re doing online with their readers.

We will help to support Mealshare partner-restaurants who have committed to making a difference to children one meal at a time.

We will encourage restaurants and chefs to consider joining the Mealshare program and make a positive impact within your community.

And of course, we hope Canadians support Mealshare and their restaurant partners by looking for the Mealshare logo on the menu and knowing they are helping to end youth hunger!

About Mealshare Causes

Mealshare works with a number of amazing charitable organizations to use food as the catalyst for change, by offering meals in order to create better experiences around education. Please visit their charity page to learn more.

Look for the Mealshare logo on the menus at Mealshare partner restaurants!

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