FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada

Spring is officially here and with it comes all the spring cookbook releases! There are a lot of exciting Canadian titles being released this spring but we're just going to be focusing on cookbooks written by FBC Members today - and there's a lot!  We'll be reviewing many of these on Cookbook Corner over the next few months but you can add them to your bookshelf or pre-order them now!

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FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada

Joyous Detox and Hot Detox

First up are two books that actually came out at the very end of 2016, too late for our fall cookbook roundup.  Joyous Detox is the second book by FBCer Joy McCarthy following up on the success of her first book, Joyous Health.

Hot Detox is the third book by FBC member Julie Daniluk following on her Meals that Heal Inflammation and Slimming Meals That Heal.

FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada

Cooking With Cocktails

Kristy from She Eats welcomed her first cookbook into the world this spring with Cooking With Cocktails.  We didn't expect anything less from a self-proclaimed Bourbonator. Check out our review here.

FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada

Feast: Recipes & Stories From a Canadian Road Trip

Feast is the culmination of a 5 month road trip that FBCers Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller took across Canada and is such a wonderful companion to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.  Full of recipes they collected on their travels, including many by FBC Members they met along the way, it's a lovely tribute to this country we call home.

FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada

All the Sweet Things

All the Sweet Things is the highly anticipated first cookbook from FBCer Renee Kohlman, author of the long running blog SweetSugarBean.  Renee is a wonderful story teller, as those who read her blog already know, and writes regular food columns for the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.  Not to mention she is a fabulous baker (of all the sweet things!).  All the Sweet Things is available for pre-order now and stay tuned for an upcoming review of Renee's book in May!

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FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada

The Keto Diet

Leanne Vogel from the site Healthful Pursuit has long been focused on educating people on The Keto Diet with her e-books, meal plans, blog and podcast. Her new book has 125 recipe and 5 meal plans to help people learn more about the Keto diet.

FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada


If you're a vegan or vegetarian than you're probably already familiar with the wonders of Aquafaba (bean water).  The rest of us are just starting to discover what this natural, vegan egg substitute can do.  FBC Member Rebecca Coleman from Cooking By Laptop dives into the aquafaba world of baking and cooking with Aquafabulous.  Stock up on your canned chickpeas!  Available for pre-order.


FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada

Cook Lively

FBC member Laura-Jane Koers has built up a tremendous following of her blog and on-line raw food community at The Rawtarian.  She's following it up with her first in print cookbook, Cook Lively, with over 100 easy plant based recipes.  It's available for pre-order now and we'll have a review of Cook Lively on the site in June!

FBC Member Spring Cookbook Releases | Food Bloggers of Canada

Feast of Spring

We also wanted to mention Feast of Spring from FBCer Melanie Villeneuve at The Nomadic Wife.  The book is available in e-book form on her website along with a meal plan bundle.  You can also purchase a printed copy of the book full of her beautiful plant based recipes through Blurb.

We're always excited to share the incredible talent of Canadian food bloggers with our readers and this season's roundup of FBC Member cookbooks is beautiful - which one would you pick to cook from this spring?

For more Canadian cookbooks, be sure to check out Cookbook Corner where we review a new cookbook each month with Liliana Tommasini to find out if it's "bookshelf worthy"!




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Thank you so much for including Feast of Spring in there! Unfortunately, I’ve been having some issues with blurb, but the good news is, I offer the printed version right in the shop!


Thanks again! <3


I have a wonderful/horrible habit of impulse buying beautiful cookbooks so of course I loved all of these! Can’t wait to indulge while also supporting fellow FBCers! Great roundup!

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