Over at Food Bloggers of Canada, we'd like nothing more than to head out on the road and meet and eat with each and every one of our FBC members! However, for geographical reasons, that's not entirely possible. That's why FBC2013 was so incredible, a conference where 100 Canadian Food Bloggers could spend a weekend together and make our country feel a wee bit smaller.

So when we heard of Feast: An Edible Road Trip, we knew this was something truly Canadian that we wanted to support. Feast is the brainchild of Lindsay Anderson (Richmond 365 Days of Dining) and Dana VanVeller (Spoon), two friends who are embarking today (June 27, 2013) on an epic 4-month road trip across Canada! Lindsay and Dana will be celebrating all things Canadian (and of course that includes a ton of food!) during their Edible Road Trip.

While Lindsay and Dana can't hit up every single Canadian city, they have an ambitious schedule and that's where FBC comes in to play! We'll be working with them to organize Tweet-ups in a number of cities. We want to provide FBC members the chance to get together, have some fun,  enjoy some good food/drinks along the way and say hi to the Edible Duo! Whether the Tweet-up is in a restaurant, cafe, park, or some awesome obscure landmark, it will be part of the story that Lindsay and Dana will share on edibleroadtrip.com!

A project like this comes from the heart, but also costs money. So Lindsay and Dana have taken to Indiegogo to raise enough funds to cover their expenses (driving across our very large country is a major expense!), so have a look at their campaign and very cute video.

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They'll be coming to a city near you with an FBC hat on and we know they're looking forward to the warm hospitality that only a Canadian food blogger can provide!

More details on where, when and what regarding the Tweetups will be coming soon! In the meantime, safe travels to Lindsay and Dana!

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