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Dear FBC Reader,

Back in April of 2011 three strangers, who only knew each other through the internet, sat down for dinner in Toronto's O&B Canteen. Together, they wondered if it might be a good idea to create an online community where Canadian food bloggers could connect, help each other out and essentially just have a place to call “home.”

Who could have predicted that an evening of Mac & Cheese and sundaes would turn into an almost 10-year epic ride that not only provided a community for Canadian food bloggers but also became a hub that celebrated Canadian food: the history of it, the people who produce it, the recipes that help us share it and the writers who tell its story.

Which is why it’s so hard for us to announce that after nearly 10 years of pouring our hearts into Food Bloggers of Canada, we’ve decided it’s time to move on and pursue other adventures and challenges.

We're Not Going Anywhere Yet!

Don’t worry! We’re not disappearing tomorrow! FBC will continue, business as usual, for the remainder of 2020 with new content, active social media channels and the same community we’ve always provided. 

Our hope is that during the next 6 months we are able to find safe hands that we can leave FBC in who will carry on telling the stories of Canadian food and providing the same comfortable home that Canadian food bloggers have known for many years well into the 20’s.

A Thriving and Successful Community

When you grow something with your own hands, there are so many emotions that come with that and deciding to move on has been an incredibly difficult decision. However, we feel the time is now. There is so much we’re proud of accomplishing but at the top of that list is the FBC community that has grown and flourished since 2011. Over the years, nearly 3,000 Canadian food bloggers have been a part of the FBC family.

Our goal was always to build a community for bloggers and offer resources; to help them build careers, document family recipes and provide rewarding side projects and creative outlets. And we are proud to say, we achieved our goal.

Over the years we’ve witnessed many bloggers turn their food blogs into writing careers, cookbooks, photography and styling businesses, food product businesses, careers in health and food education, restaurants, and personal brands that today are household names.

But we also, and unexpectedly, found there was an appetite for our content beyond the food blogging community and over the years we have been happy to provide many of our members the opportunity to write articles on Canadian food history, profiles on the many chefs, artisanal producers, farmers, food writers who feed us daily, Canadian cookbook reviews, and recipes that celebrate the food produced in this country by so many dedicated people.

New Challenges Ahead

So why are we making this decision now?

The simple answer is that this is something we’ve been thinking about for a while now and feel it’s the right time.

After nearly 10 years of working hard to build FBC and turning it into a multi 6-figure/year business, our lives have changed in so many ways, and we find ourselves with new interests we want to explore and new challenges we want to tackle. FBC is a vibrant online community with the potential for so much more and we want to pass the torch onwards which is why we’re sharing this news. 

A Great Business Opportunity

FBC is a part of us and we are very proud of what we’ve built alongside so many of you all these years. So, it’s important to us that we find the right people and company to continue what we’ve achieved. And while we’re obviously biased, we’re extremely confident that we’ve built a business and a community that has tremendous value with opportunities to grow. As a pioneer and leader in the food and social media landscape for almost 10 years, it’s an exciting business opportunity.

There will be time for reminiscing and sappy moments but for now, we hope everyone is keeping well and being safe.

As always,

Ethan Adeland and Melissa Hartfiel

If you or a group or company that you know of feel that you would benefit from the resources, connections and various assets of FBC, please have them get in touch with our business consultant, John Marshall. He can be reached by email: john@jmarshallassociates.com

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Diane Galambos

Lovely photo collage – lots of memories – though it ought to have had a photo of Martin’s Apple Chips, right Ethan? Hugs to you both!

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