ClockworkThe expression "new to me" is true here and I'm glad to have made the discovery. It's impossible to know everyone out there in the land of the World Wide Web, so I'm thankful to have a place like Food Bloggers of Canada to meet and discover friendly and talented people.

Meet Stephanie, who has the distinction of being the 100th member of Food Bloggers of Canada. She's a food blogger over at Clockwork Lemon and has a ridiculously cute cat named Wellington. Stephanie creates decadent desserts and wonderful savory items for a Sunday brunch that we'd all like an invite to. She embodies the Canadian food blogger having been born in Toronto, now living in Calgary and has spent some time out in Vancouver, Kelowna and Kamloops.

Stephanie has a healthy obsession with sugar, baking bread, making homemade fondant and describes it all in a friendly and informative writing style. In addition, she takes beautiful photographs that do her creations justice. And of course, she seems to have a knack for capturing Wellington getting into some type of mischief.

Clockwork Lemon Embroidered CakeI had a blast looking through Clockwork Lemon and wanted to share some of my highlights that I discovered. So, not only can Stephanie make a cake that actually looks embroidered, she'll even divide up all the various sprinkle colors if she has to! And, if you need a step-by-step tutorial on how to replicate some of her treats, she's got that for you too. How about a DIY on how to make candied orange peels or homemade oreos? But just in case people think she's a one-trick pony with all the sugary stuff, then she'll prove you wrong and stuff your face with some goat cheese and green onion mini muffins.

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Oh yes and when in doubt, write about your adorable cat.

Clockwork Lemon

Twitter: Clock_workLemon

Featured Blogs will be a regular feature on the FBC website.  If you know of a blog that deserves some love, let us know!

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I am so excited we discovered Stephanie’s blog! She’s in my Reader now! And Cleo approves of a blog where the cat features so prominently!


Thank you so much for featuring me! Wellington and I are very excited. I’m also glad to have this website to meet other friendly Canadian bloggers so a big thanks to the people who made this site happen.


I fell in love when I found this one while doing processing all the memberships. And I love your blog header – your illustrator is so talented

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