I’ve always wondered what you get when you combine someone with an eye for beauty, a culinary background and a passion for life. As it turns out, you get Renée of SweetSugarBean.

Not only does Renée feed people as a chef from 9-5, but she can’t wait to get back home and play in her garden and kitchen to do it all over again for family and friends. That willingness and commitment to spending her “leisure” time in the kitchen goes to show the extent of her love to cooking, eating and living well.

Growing up on a farm, she comes by her love of local and organic ingredients honestly as she grew an appreciation for what Mother Nature offered at an early age. Nowadays, with fresh ingredients from her garden, her sister’s or from the Farmer’s Market in Saskatoon, it’s no wonder the photos on SweetSugarBean are as gorgeous as they are.

Whether it`s creating a frittata from nothing within a mostly bare cupboard, a comforting hug-in-a-bowl Orange and Cinnamon Scented Rice Pudding with Caramelized Brown Sugar Crust or her Beet-Barley Risotto with Ricotta and Thyme, SweetSuganBean is proof that beautiful food is within anyone`s grasp.


Facebook Fan Page: SweetSugarBean

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It’s hard to believe that Renée has only been blogging since January of this year. Her site is beautifully photographed and very well written with an amazing selection of recipes to choose from. Thanks for featuring this talented lady.


i’ve been following renee since day 1 – not surprised at all that she’s being featured as she is one of my FAVE blogs to follow! well done SweetSugarBean!!


I’ll admit to being a little biased, but discovering “new to me” blogs has been one of my highlights of the FBC so far and it was a pleasure to read up on Renee.

Lori M

I’ve been following Renee for several months now and this recognition is so well deserved! Congrats!

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