Marie over at Celebration Generation is Canadian but currently living in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" or better known as Minnesota. Marie also holds the distinction of being the first FBC blogger living abroad! There is a little bit of everything at Celebration Generation. Let's start with the recipes. Not surprisingly there are recipes and lots of them!

There are simple, yet elegant dishes like a roasted radish salad that can be enjoyed in pyjamas or formal wear.

Of course, someone who has a background in baking from a young age knows how to create show-stopping pieces and nowhere is this more evident than Marie's White Trash Cuisine cake. It's understandable if a double-take is needed, it looks that real.

At this point, it's probably not too much of a shock to learn that Marie has published cookbooks called The Spirited Baker and Evil Cake Overlord. With creations like that, it's evil in the most decadent way.

There are a bunch of different tabs on Celebration Generation that features cocktails, events, crafts and rants, but really most of them should be classified as "fun." Really, where else can you find homemade piñatas for Pi Day or a "PIñata" and Chocolate Zombie Easter bunnies?

And of course, as the header promises, there are kitties.

Twitter - Celebr8nGenr8n
Facebook - Celebration Generation

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