Name: Charmian Christie

Blog name and URL: Christie’s Corner  but soon to be The Messy Baker!

Where were you born? Hamilton, ON

Where are you living now? Guelph, ON

When did you start your blog? 2006.

How did you decide on your blog name?  I’m embarrassed to admit I put next to no thought into the name, which turned out to be a huge mistake. The name has caused all kinds of confusion and doesn’t say a thing about my blog. In my defense, the blog was supposed to be a short-lived writing exercise to help with a play I was working on. The blog took on a life of its own. The play remains unfinished.

What do you blog about?  Scratch cooking mostly, but I write about food from my garden, the odd travel/chef experience post and my all-too-frequent kitchen disasters.

What post are you most proud of and why?  My post on my mother’s wooden spoons. I had no idea it would resonate with people, but it did. People emailed me privately with photos of their beloved wooden spoons – some hand carved. It was beyond touching.


Which post do you wish received more love and why?  My post on How to Adjust Pan Size because it’s just so practical. I rarely have the right pan size and conversion charts aren’t all that useful. This technique has saved me more than once. Wish I’d known this when I was a broke student with only 8-inch round pans to my name.


Which post’s success surprised you and why?  The post on old-fashioned sour cream doughnuts constantly tops the hit list. It surprised me on a couple of accounts. First, that people were interested in a labour-intensive recipe for something they can buy at Tim Hortons for a buck. Second, it demonstrated the power of Pinterest. It was the first post I pinned and the stats were shocking. According to Google Analytics, Pinterest blows Facebook out of the water.

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Sour cream doughnut-620

What is one (non-kitchen) gadget you can’t live without? My iPhone/iPad combination. Without them I’d never remember anything. Ever.

What is one kitchen gadget you can’t live without? My microplane. I use that puppy for garlic, ginger, cheese, chocolate, nutmeg and citrus. I love it so much I pitched my garlic press, ginger grater and hand-cranked cheese grater. I have two of them. One on either side of the kitchen. And my kitchen isn’t that big.

Favourite food, care to share a recipe?  I love sweets. I wish I could live on chocolate, butter and sugar, but apparently that’s frowned on. My Rhubarb-Raspberry Galette is one of my favourite desserts.

What else should we know about you that may or not be in your “About Me” page?  I am alive today because my mother is a saint. This post sums it up.

What makes your blog unique? The cat hair wafting into the photos.

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