If you don't know Halifax food blogger, Aimée White, you definitely should fix that.  Apart from having perhaps the world's most clever name for her blog (Food Je t'Aimée), she has a way of writing that makes it feel like you are sitting down with a coffee having a conversation with her.  She's been blogging for just over a year now and is also our Atlantic Food Events expert here at FBC.

In one of Aimée's earlier posts, she describes a whirlwind road trip that took her from Halifax to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and back again within 6 days. Whoah - that's nearly 4000 kilometres covered right there!  Amongst the highlights of this trip was a dinner that lasted for hours at Peller Estates Winery...

The start of Aimée's dinner at Peller Estates winery...

And the end...

For details of the deliciousness in between, check out her post 🙂

But Aimée's not just a connoisseur of other people's fine foods - she's quite the baker and cook herself.  She's the founder of Monthly Miettes (a group I feel I might just have to join after reading about it!) - a group baking its way through the Miette Cookbook - a compilation of Meg Ray (of the San Francisco bakery of the same name fame)'s tried and true recipes which also contains what Aimée calls "invaluable instruction on the finer techniques in cake baking and decorating."  Aimée's goal is to perfect her baking and hone her techniques but I have to say, looking at her interpretation of the Tomboy Cake, she doesn't have a lot to learn - gorgeous!

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Aimée's also participated in Muffin Mondays for which she has baked some incredible flavours like these ricotta, basil and sun-dried tomato muffins...

Or how about these egg nog muffins?

However, even though she bakes gorgeous, tasty treats like these, Aimée still says she prefers the "freedom" that cooking allows over baking.  And cook, she can - every month, in her "Cook that Book" category, Aimée cooks the cover of Food and Wine magazine.  Judging by this recent dish - Asian Beef with Basil, Aimée is just as handy with savoury ingredients as she is sweet.

Want to learn more about the lovely Aimée?  Join Food Je t'Aimée on Facebook or follow Food Je t'Aimée on Twitter.

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Aimee is as lovely a person as her blog.I am so pleased to have her as my friend. A blog well worth following:)

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